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Hugging a deceased person in dreams in Islam

~June 12, 2023~

To dream that you are embracing a deceased loved one brings good news. If you have ever thought of being held in the arms of a deceased person, this can be interpreted as a sense of comfort in the knowledge that the deceased person is taking care of us from the place where they are, which is the source of our positive emotions.

According to Ibn Sirin, if a person has a dream in which he or she is tenderly hugged by a deceased person, then that person will have a very long life. To give a deceased person a short hug in a dream means longevity; to give a deceased person a long and a continuous embrace in a dream means one’s own death.

There is also another way of looking at it, keep reading.

Keep in mind that sometimes we feel as though we are being comforted by a member of our family who has passed away because we have missed that person so much that we simply cannot stop thinking about them. As a result, our subconscious mind performs pranks on us and brings the memory back to us in our dreams.

This dream may provide a means for you to work through your feelings of loss and sorrow following the passing of a loved one.

Pray that Allah, the most Merciful, keeps a watchful eye over you and your loved ones.

Embracing a recognised individual in a dream is symbolic of a close relationship with that person. Embracing one’s antagonist in a dream is symbolic of one’s decision to make peace with that person.

An embrace in dreams is also said to symbolise the sharing of praise. In a dream, an embrace symbolises kindness, love, travel, the completion of a journey, and the removal of distress or anxiety.

In a dream, embracing a lady represents love for the world and an absence of faith for any reward in the afterlife. In a dream, a man being embraced represents help and assistance. In a dream, hugging someone and putting one’s head in his lap represents giving one’s possessions to him or working for him.

Hugging and crying at seeing a dead person in dreams in Islam

If the individual dead in the dream has passed away in real life, it is quite possible that you think about them and mourn them a lot. If the person who is passing in the dream is still living . . .

Embracing a sad dead person in dreams as per Islam

When in a dream you hugged a sad dead person you knew in real life, it means you believe she or he is not appropiately remembered or honoured by his or her loved ones in real life. According to Ibn Sirin sadness in dreams means . . .

Hugging a happy dead person in a dream according to Islam

When a person dreams of a deceased individual who appears happy, it is usually seen as a positive indication. Islam encourages believers to pray for the deceased and seek Allah’s benevolence and forgiveness for them. Observing the contentment of a deceased person in a dream may indicate that Allah has accepted their repentance, forgiven their transgressions, and granted them a place of serenity and satisfaction in the afterlife.

As per Ibn Sireen, if a deceased person appears in a dream as vivacious, pleasant, and casual, it indicates that the dream is a hallucination or that the dreamer is experiencing disturbed dreams, as dead people do not jest and have their own responsibilities to fulfill.

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Embracing your deceased mother in dreams in Islam

Having a dream of being embraced by your deceased mother, that reveals you are needing some kind of emotional support in real life. If your dead mother shows up in your dream looking beautiful, happy, and well-dressed, it means that her children will receive her happiness.

According to Ibn Raasheed Al Bakri, if a dead person is joyful in a dream, then the dreamer is in good standing with Allah, the most Gracious and Merciful, because the Hereafter is the land of truth.

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Embracing your deceased father in dreams in Islam

If you have a dream in which you were hugging your deceased father, it means you are missing him.

Likewise, the dream shows that you might be lamenting the good old days and wish you could travel back in time to spend more time with him.

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Dead person is alive again in dreams in Islam

If a deceased individual appears in a person’s dream, it portends a reduction in apprehension and the disappearance of concerns. When one’s deceased mother appears in a dream, the significance of the dream is amplified significantly.

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Related Dreams

Carrying a dead person in dreams in Islam

Carrying a deceased person in a dream signifies transporting the provisions or goods of an irreligious and immoral individual.

In a dream, acquiring illegal funds is the result of transporting a corpse in a manner distinct from how one would transport a corpse to a grave.

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Seeing a deceased person in the house in a dream in Islam

Seeing a dead individual at his house reveals the dreamer is missing them, there is a need to come back to “normal life”, as it was in the past when the deceased person was alive.

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Kissing a dead person in a dream in Islam

If you dream that you are kissing a renowned person who has passed away, this could mean that you will benefit in some way from his knowledge, wisdom, or inheritance, or that you will receive benefits from his descendants.

Seeing dead person was sick in a dream in Islam

If a muslim dreams about a sickly departed person, this dreamer is anxious that the deceased is not getting the required religious observances to respect or remember him in the real world.

As per Ibn Seerin, If the dead person in alive in the dream but he becomes ill, then he will have to answer before God Almighty for his lack of religious practise.

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Traveling with a dead individual in dreams in Islam

The dreamer will be perplexed about some of his concerns if he was journeying with a deceased individual.

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Walking behind a dead person in dreams in Islam

In a dream, following in the footsteps of a deceased person means adopting their profession or customs, whether they be materialistic or spiritual.

Death is symbolized in dreams by following a dead individual and going into an unfamiliar home from which one never returns.

Seeing yourself die in a dream in Islam

A person’s religious faith is also likely to be weak if they experience death in a dream and wake up appearing like a deceased person whose corpse has been washed and covered in a shroud. His ascent in status and advancement in the world is symbolized by all the grief and tears that can be seen in this situation.

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Hugging your dead father in dreams: Quotes

A dream interpreter once said:

“I saw in a dream a man who was blindfolded with a blue piece of cloth. I asked him: ‘Do you know what happened to my father?’ The man replied: “Your father is dead.’ Then he took me to my father’s grave, where I felt the great loss, and I hugged him, cried, and wailed . . .

Ibn Sirin
muslim interpretation of a seeing deceased father in a dream

Hugging deceased person according to

Whoever sees as though a brother-in- law/son-in-law of his has hugged him a hug of the dead to the living, that indicates that the ages of the embracers of the living [side] shall be lengthened.

Ja’far al-Sadiq

Dreaming about a grave in Islam

According to one of the most influential Muslim dream interpreters of all time, a graveyard in a dream symbolizes a prison, and a prison in a dream symbolizes a cemetery. If a person has a premonition in which they reside in a cemetery, they will spend time behind bars.

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muslim interpretation of grave in a dream

Dream meaning of hugging a dead person in western tradition

According to a group of western dream experts, a dream of hugging a dead person can be a means of processing mourning and loss. It may also be a sign that the deceased person is secure and sending us their affection.

For these authors, dreaming of a deceased person who embraces you has varying meanings based on the deceased person’s significance to the dreamer. If the deceased person is a close relative or friend of the dreamer, it may represent unresolved issues or suffering that needs to be treated.

It might be necessary for the dreamer to let go of something or someone. If the deceased is an unknown to the dreamer, on the other hand, it might be a caution from the subconscious about a danger or upcoming occurrence.

According to other dream interpreters, to dream of embracing a deceased person portends superfluous problems and conflicts in waking life. Seeing a deceased person embracing you in a dream is a warning to take precautions in unfortunate situations that you may encounter on a daily basis, as being cautious will give you greater control over your personal or professional situation.

Additionally, a dream in which a deceased person is hugged foretells difficulties with the dreamer’s family and very close acquaintances. This could be the result of a lack of communication and social integration with their surroundings.

In general, embracing a deceased person in a dream represents the path your life is following, and only you can determine your fate. The dream of embracing a deceased individual is a message to stop believing everything they say and strive for one’s personal goals.

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  1. Assalamualaikum w.wb
    I had dream of hugging and crying famous muslim scholar just before fajar. The intensity of dream was so strong that i woke up crying and headache half day. I need explanation. Jazakallah khair

  2. I was visited by my deceased high school classmate in my house and when we saw each other we hugged, but I knew she was dead already she was wearing black Long sleeved blouse her face with a smile and with her was my Best friend in high school whom we had a great argument. I asked her who was with you she answered Efy your BFF.

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