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Seeing a dead person sad in dreams : Islamic Meaning

~April 8, 2023~

When you see a dead person you knew in real life in a dream, it means you think she or he is not appropiately remembered or honoured by his or her loved ones in real life.

If you met a random deceased person in your dreams, it indicates that you were affected by awful news about strangers before going to sleep.

According to Ibn Sirin sadness in dreams represents the polar antithesis. That is to say, the dreamer will have pleasant or happy experiences in real life.

However, if one sees his friends depressed in a dream, it means suffering the same in wakefulness.

Depression in a dream may also represent a sickness or suffering inflicted by one’s own family, or it may represent imposition, loss of company, annulment of interest due, or business stagnation.

If any of that is accurate in waking life, then seeing such a melancholy in a dream could indicate relief. In a dream, depression could represent either pleasure or anguish.

If the dreamer sees his dead loved one frowning or looking away, one of you should encourage him to repent in the dream. This dream acts as a caution of the dreamer’s low status in Allah’s sight.

If you had this dream and you are not feeling good, you should pray Allah to remove all your tears, worries, sorrows and pains and replace them with complete happiness, smiles and good health.

Crying at seeing a dead person in a dream in Islam

There are a variety of possible interpretations for crying in a dream because someone has died. If the person who died in your dream also died in real life, you may be lamenting and pondering about them frequently.

Read the full content in crying at seeing someone’s death in dreams in Islam.

Dead person is sad and sick in a dream in Islam

If the deceased is sad in the dream because he or she is sick, it means that God Almighty will hold the deceased responsible for his religious indifference.

If the deceased’s face looks black or opaque in the dream, it suggests that he or she was an atheist.

If you see your dead persona sick in a dream, take a look at dead person was sick in dreams according to Islam.

Dead person complaining in a dream in Islam

When a person’s capacity to observe others is brought into question, he is given the treatment of a dead person, which many people are unaware of.

If the deceased laments his eyes in a dream, he will be interrogated about what he owes his wife, her dower, or a will or trust that he exploited. If he is concerned about his left limb, it is because he is being questioned about the rights of a cousin, sibling, son, or business associate, or about a fraudulent promise he made.

If the deceased bemoans his fate in a dream, he is being questioned about severing connections with his family or bloodline, or failing to fulfil his responsibilities to his house.

If he has a dream about his knees, he is being questioned about squandering his life on corruption and deceit.

In a dream, if someone is concerned about their feet, he is being questioned about the money he squandered on lies and his careless route.

May Allah give your family comfort and patience and hope with which to continue.

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Praying for a dead person in dream in islam

In a dream, reciting a burial prayer for a deceased person could represent a request for forgiveness on their behalf, a visit to their grave, the rebuke of a person with a lifeless heart, the farewell of guests, or the provision of assistance to the impoverished.

Other interpretations include visiting their gravesite, rebuking someone with a lifeless heart, spending time with visitors, and assisting the impoverished.

In your dream, reciting the burial prayer indicates you are praying for his salvation and interceding on his behalf.

Deceased person looks happy in a dream in Islam

If you have a dream about a departed loved one smiling and dressed elegantly, it means that his happiness will be passed down to his heirs.

A dramer who sees a dead individual beaming in the Hereafter is in good status with Allah (s.w.t.).

Deceased parents are alive again in dreams in Islam

When a deceased parent appears in a dream, it signifies relief from distress and the end of one’s concerns. This is especially true when the scenario involves a mother who has passed away.

A person’s distress and anxiety will be alleviated if he dreams that his deceased parents return to life.

When one’s dead mother appears in the dream, this is especially potent.

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