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Dead brother in dreams : Islamic Interpretation

~April 10, 2023~

Seeing one’s brothers slaughtered in a dream may foretell the defeat of one’s foes or the preservation of one’s riches.

If an ill individual has a dream in which his brother dies, his own demise is foretold. If not, it may be a member of his family. If one is impoverished in the dream, he may lose one of his eyeballs. According to Ibn Sirin, one of the finest dream interpreters in Islam, this is the case.

The same Muslim source advised those who are scared, depressed, or sick to find comfort in dreaming about mortality. If you dream that your brother is slain, this could mean that your enemies have been killed or that you have saved your money.

Having stockholders in one’s company is represented by seeing one’s brother in a dream.

According to Ibn Sirin, if a sick individual witnesses his brother expire in a dream, it foretells of his own death.

Bellow you will see more islamic interpretations for a dream of seeing your dead brother:

Dream deceased brother is alive again in the dream in islam

If the dreamer’s deceased brother shows in a dream, it symbolises relief from anguish and the removal of worries.

A person’s anguish and worries will be alleviated if he has a dream in which his deceased loved one comes back to life.

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Dead brother dies in a dream as per Islam

If a person has a dream in which his brother dies, it is a sign that the dreamer will soon lose his comfort and financial success, and become more reckless.

Dead brother talking to me in a dream in Islam

If the dreamer has recurrent dreams in which his dead brother was talking to him, it is possible that he is in need of the support or guidance of a loved one who has passed away.

Talking to your deceased brother in a dreams represents your desire to understand how the deceased person (if he were still living) would have reacted to a recent incident or dealt with a family dispute.

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Seeing my deceased brother sad in dream according to Islam

If you have a dream in which you see your deceased brother being sad or unhappy, it indicates that you strongly believe your loved ones do not respect or remember him in an appropriate manner.

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Hugging my dead brother in dreams in islam

Dreaming of hugging a dead loved one portends good news. If you have ever envisioned being held in the arms of your dead brother, this can be interpreted as a feeling of comfort in knowing that the deceased person is providing for us from wherever they are, which is the source of our good emotions.

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Someone else’s death in a dream in Islam

If one discovers of the death of an obscure person in a dream, it is a warning that his worldly prosperity will come at the expense of his faith.

May Allah grant your family consolation, endurance, and the strength to persevere.

Being in a funeral in dreams in islam

If an individual dreams that he is leading funeral prayers and then unnecessarily interceding with special invocations on behalf of the departed, it is a portent that a hypocritical supervisor will choose him to lead a division of the business that he works for.

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Dreams that mean bad news for your brother, as per Ibn Seerin

If one’s hand is severed in a dream, it signifies the death or demise of a brother, parent, companion, close friend, or assistant.

If a person’s left hand is paralysed in a dream, it signifies the death of a brother.

A shattered bow in a dream portends the passing of a brother, business partner, or son. It also means that an accident may cause the hand of a brother or a business partner to fracture.

A torn cap in a dream means the death of one’s brother or father.

Seeing a crow standing before the courthouse in a dream means committing an offense and paying the price for one’s crime, or it could mean killing one’s brother, then regretting it.

As a result of a conflict, falling from a tree represents mortality in a dream. If one’s right hand breaks as a result of such a fall in a dream, it signifies the death of a brother or sister in combat.

If one’s eyes fall into his chest in a dream, it signifies the death of a brother or son.

If a married person dies and gets buried in a dream, it means that he will divorce his wife or break a business partnership or separates from his brothers, sisters and friends, or it could mean that he may emigrate to another country.

One day Abu Bakr saw Salman and said to him: “My dear brother, why have you abandoned me?” Salman replied: “I saw your hand tied to your neck in a dream, and I was apprehensive of it.” Abu Bakr replied: “God is the greatest. It means that my hand is tied to spare it from wrongdoing.” Salman then related his dream to God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, and added Abu Bakr’s interpretation.

God’s Prophet (uwbp) confirmed the meaning and praised Abu Bakr’s good interpretation.

Ibn Sirin, Dictionary of Dreams

YouTube video about brother in dreams

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