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Assaulting one’s antagonist in a dream signifies victory in waking life, or it could indicate disturbance, anxiety, concern, experiencing a mental conflict, or having doubts. It could also represent regret, contrition, and correcting one’s actions and thoughts.

Being assaulted in a dream signifies that you are feeling remorseful about past actions or words.

Similarly, if you dream of being assaulted, you will need to confront an issue, a problem, or a personal conflict in the real world.

See snake attacking.



Dreaming of a baby represents the beginning of new episodes in your life. It is very likely that you are going through a moment of anguish and despair, but, just as a newborn child represents the beginning of life, for you it is a sign of the appearance of the right time to take new paths and leave behind everything that causes you harm.

A baby in dreams has more than one meaning and, although many times it refers to having a child or the desire to have a child, many other times that dream is linked to a project, to a great desire that we want to realize in our lives and that is close to being fulfilled. See snake biting a child.


If you have a dream in which you are cleaning the restroom, it indicates that you are undergoing a purification and purifying process on an emotional level.

Your desire to confront your unfavorable thoughts or emotions, as well as your bad routines and distractions, is represented by a dream in which you are cleaning the restroom. It is possible that you have been conducting an in-depth analysis of yourself and have discovered aspects, characteristics, or aspects of your personality that you despise.


A bedroom represents your intimate thoughts, your feelings that you want to keep to yourself. Those thoughts include sexual or sentimental desires and interests that you don’t usually discuss or share with anyone.


Birth: If one sees his mother giving birth to him in a dream, and should he be ill, it means the approach of his death.

A childbirth is a very special moment in the life of a woman, unforgettable, many say that after it her life changes definitively.

Dreaming of having a normal birth is a message from your subconscious that tells you that you are open to drastic or radical changes in your life.


The act of biting someone in a dream is symbolic of deceit, hostility, or intense adoration for the person having the dream.

Getting bitten in a dream is another representation of anger.

If a person’s fingers bleed from such a wound in their dream, it represents the difficulties that are brought on by the person’s own shortcomings in waking life.

When someone dreams that they bite themselves and then spit out a piece of their own tissue, it is a symbol of backbiting and belittling other people. When people bite their own fingertips in their dreams, it can represent feelings of remorse as well as anger, rage, and hostility.


Black is the color associated with things that are secret or intriguing.

At other times, it can also stand for suffering and mortality, as well as negativity and evil. On the other hand, it is an upscale, dignified, and colorful color that also connotes style, earnestness, and refinement.

See black snake.


Because of its association with these elements, blue is often used to convey feelings of trust, devotion, and peace. Thus, well-known companies have started using it as part of their identity, including Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Twitter.


being chased

If you dream that you are being persecuted, it is a sign that you are feeling nervous and distraught about unfinished business that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

It demonstrates that you have a deep feeling of sadness and regret for something that happened in the past. There is something that you do not want to admit, and it is this.

See being chased by a snake.


Dreaming of weeping would indicate that the dreamer is coping with a setback. Furthermore, it reveals a profound sense of personal loss or failure.

You may feel frustrated and even void as a result of an extremely delicate situation that has a profound impact on your life.



Your dream about your daughter reveals your current health and safety concerns for her. It is possible that you spend insufficient quality time with her.

If you have a daughter and dream about her, particularly if she is a child or adolescent, it suggests that she is attempting to conceal problems that must be resolved immediately.


Dreaming of dead people is revealing attempts by our mind to process the feelings we have in relation to the death or departure of a family member. In many cases your mind is trying to understand and accept his or herpassing.

See dead people in dreams.


My Ex

Having a dream about a former romantic partner (boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife) is usually indicative of your sentiments and perspectives regarding past relationships.

This type of dream indicates that something or someone in your conscious life is eliciting similar feelings to those you had with your ex-partner.



If you are married and have this dream, it indicates that you will conceive a boy. If you are single and have this dream, it indicates that you will get married. If you are in the business world, it indicates an increase in earnings.


Fighting in your dreams may represent personal situations in which you are attempting to prove yourself or demonstrate your capabilities.

Dreaming of quarrels or battles can symbolize an inner conflict or struggle. You may have difficulty making decisions and sticking to a consistent course of action. This dream may symbolize personal circumstances that provoke contradictory emotions or thoughts. Existence of personal difficulties.

You may sense that others have an antagonistic disposition towards you. You may also be confronted with unfairly negative situations in your daily existence.

Check fighting snakes.


Human flesh is a symbol for one’s strength, health, wealth, earnings, illness, or business, as well as for piety, religious attendance, fear of wrongdoing, carefully examining the distinction between right and wrong, patience, forbearance, anger, distress, sexual desires, suffering from hardships, and receiving the consequences of sins.

In a dream, seeing one’s body turn black or blue or experience skin cracking signifies hardship, disease, or retribution for crimes.


It expresses strong emotions that you are unable to control, such as anger, irritation, and jealousy.

Flames in a dream represent mentally strangling circumstances.

It could symbolize vengeful envy. An excessive obsession with something or someone.

Fire can also represent good news, a warning, war, punishment, power, imprisonment, losses, transgressions, or blessings in a dream.



Contrition from sin in a dream means seeing a garden. Having marital intercourse is represented by the act of watering a landscape in a dream.

In a person’s waking life, if they have a dream in which they see themselves in a garden, it portends ease and expansion.

A garden in a dream may also represent a school, a center for scientific research and studies, a place of devotion, and other similar establishments.


Gold is an unwelcome presence in a dream because it causes tension, anxiety, and financial difficulties.


Dreaming of golden color reveals the dreamer is having some issues with money, debts and employment. 

On the other hand, if you have a dream in which you find yourself surrounded by wealth and treasures, such as gold or rare stones, this could represent the extraordinary and one-of-a-kind possibilities you have before you. Golden serpent the reading material.

Read golden snake.


See more in grave.


The color gray derives from the remains and particles that are left over from the combustion of rocks and metals. It is connected to things like the weather, being tired, getting elderly, and eventually dying.

Gray is a well-balanced and unbiased color that does not elicit any particular feelings.

The color gray is associated with a number of other characteristics, including intelligence, earnestness, modesty, security, decorum, adulthood, solidity, traditionalism, practicality, functionality, and effectiveness. These are just a few of the characteristics.


This shade is a symbol of the earth, nature, calm, and fecundity. When its softer tones are employed, it can also stand for expansion and revitalization. The hue green also has monetary importance because it is the color of the U.S. dollar. Therefore, it is the hue associated with prosperity and money.

In Western culture, the hue green is commonly associated with nature, ecology, vitality, and the arrival of spring.

The hue green is associated with tranquility and leisure. It is soothing in times of low energy and depression. It brings about feelings of calm, equilibrium, and safety.

If you imagine that you are wearing green clothing, it is an indication that you are religiously devout. The inhabitants of heaven wear green, soft clothing.

If a deceased person is wearing green clothing in a dream, it signifies that they are in a happy place and reaping the benefits of their actions while they were alive. Additionally, it is feasible to imply inheriting something from a deceased individual.

This could also be evidence that the deceased person died a martyr’s death before departing this planet. Green attire in a dream portends positive outcomes. The color green can also represent submission to God’s will in a dream.

Read green snake dream.



In a dream, the head represents leadership, presidency, or one’s capital.

In a dream, the cranium is also symbolic of knowledge, wisdom, respect, offspring, followers, or money. Losing one’s mind in a dream signifies carelessness, disregard, or an incapacity to manage one’s interests effectively.

If a person’s cranium appears larger than usual in a dream, it signifies his father or advancement in rank and recognition.

The appearance of a smaller cranium in a dream portends loss of respect, prestige, and honor. If an intelligent person sees his cranium shrinking in a dream, it portends that he will lose his job or succumb to folly.


Horns in dreams represent fortitude and invincibility.

A horn in a dream is also symbolic of a relative from whom one can benefit. The appearance of two animal antlers in a dream portends a death caused by sorrow and coercion.

A horn in a dream signifies victory over an antagonist. Seeing a sovereign with two horns in a dream indicates that this monarch will control the interests of the East and the West.


In a dream, one’s house can have several meanings. If a person sees himself entering his house in a dream, it means he will marry or have physical intercourse with his wife.

In a dream, the construction of one’s own house represents the recovery of a sick individual. If such building is challenging and the family’s tradition is to bury its deceased within the same property’s compound, it suggests the death of a family member.

A house in the world of dream interpretation also symbolizes your perception of the circumstance at hand. This dream symbolizes the mentality or style of thinking with which you associate but are not always aware.

The house represents your existing family connections. Additionally, it symbolizes your memories.

A dream in which your house is inundated with filthy or muddy water signifies that there is a great deal of negativity in your home, perhaps differences or conflicts between family members. Perhaps you have the impression that your residence contains a noxious or hazardous environment. In a number of instances, I have observed that this dream indicates that the dreamer is overcome by negative emotions such as pessimism, sorrow, and the like.



Ice is interpreted upon 6 sides: immense sustenance, life & considerable wealth & lowered prices, soldiers. [Interpreted as] sickness if he gathered it during summer.


In Islam, dreams are viewed as a sort of spiritual perception. The Quran uses four words to describe dreams: Bushra (news), Ru’yaa (vision), Manam (sleep), and Hulum (dream).

Furthermore, dream interpretation, also known as oneiromancy, is denoted by the Arabic titles ‘Tafsir’ or ‘Tabir’ within the Muslim community.



Killing in a dream represents a major sin.

If one kills himself, or commits suicide in fear of the consequences of his sins in a dream, it means that he is offering true repentance from his sins, though committing suicide is a major sin that will lead its author to eternal sufferings in hell-fire.

To murder a person in a dream is to perpetrate an evil and abhorrent transgression. On the other hand, committing an egregious transgression or an egregiously repugnant act in a dream may result in murder.

If one is killed in a dream, it means longevity and that he will acquire a great wealth from the one who kills him in the dream.

Killing someone but not fully annihilating them in a dream suggests that the victim will benefit greatly from his killer. In a fantasy, murder symbolizes unjust treatment.

You will be liberated from your melancholy, agony, affliction, and grief if you dream of killing someone. A dream in which you are murdered and have no idea who killed you is a bad portent that you have ignored your holy duties.

Killing in a dream also could mean that one is missing his prayers, or neglecting them. Killing one’s own son in a dream means receiving money.

Dreaming of killing means that you are facing a dramatic end of a stage in your life. You might be afraid of strong and profound changes happening in you.

In the world of dreams, killing indicates the need to finish, close or forget matters permanently.

It indicates the need to oppose or rebel against something you consider greater or stronger than your abilities.

Dreaming of killing, murdering or stabbing someone can reveal your recognition that you are negatively affecting others.

Dreaming that you are killed reveals your recognition of negative forces or influences that are very powerful and that you cannot change.



See Mosque down bellow:


A masjid or mosque in a dream represents a scholar, and its gates represent men of wisdom and the guardians, or attendants, of God’s House.

A mosque in a dream can also represent an individual who should be obeyed, revered, and adored, such as a father, teacher, shaikh, or wise man. It also states that justice must be served if someone who desires to attend a mosque is treated unjustly.

Read more in Mosque


New House

For a muslim dreamer, finding oneself in a newly constructed, freshly painted home with all the necessary amenities and accommodations in a dream is indicative of affluence.

If someone who is impoverished had this dream, it indicates he will readily meet his financial obligations. If he is anxious, it means he will be relieved of these responsibilities.



Orange color in a dream reveals that the dreamer is feeling himself strong enough to undertake bold and ambitious personal projects.

Pay special attention to this interpretation if in your dream you see a friendly or harmless orange snake

This dream may also be talking about your attitude to your social relationships: it could be very difficult for you to make your voice heard in your circle of friends and family; perhaps you do not know how to defend your own personal space or “comfort zone”at home, or maybe you are unable to achieve or improve the quality of your relationships with friends or your partner.



Dreams about pets usually symbolize the need to give and receive affection to other people, especially those who are more vulnerable.

Dreaming that we take care of our pets, when in reality we do not have, is a sign that we have become aware of the need to look after the interests of the people around us, friends and family.

Dreams where we see ourselves taking care of pets that are not ours usually indicate that someone else has control over our emotions and thoughts.

Read having a snake as a pet .


Pink is universally accepted as a feminine color, except in Belgium, where it is considered the color of a child.

Being a combination of red and white, pink is the color of excitement, romance, joy and high energy, but without the aggression of red. It’s a fun, youthful color that can add brightness to a room.


In a dream, performing one’s required daily petitions represents the fulfillment of a pledge, the accomplishment of one’s goals, or release and comfort after suffering.

If one finishes his prayers in a dream by saluting to the right and then to the left, it means that his worries and concerns will disappear and he will follow the road of love and unity.

In a dream, only the right is greeted, indicating that the dreamer will only handle a part of his religious worries.


Purple’s significance varies depending on the shade, but it is linked with sensuality and romanticism.

However, it is also associated with bad emotions such as doom, sorrow, and mourning, as well as a world of suffering.

Purple is a mix of red and blue and is associated with tranquility, imagination, mystique, magic, and meditation. It is also associated with monarchy, grandeur, and luxury.

Purple is the hue of power and sensuality.



read more in quran in dreams.



Red stands out from the rest of the colors and is considered the color of more emotional intensity. 

The color red is associated with a number of powerful emotions, including love, passion, desire, yearning, rage, and flames. It demonstrates bravery and a strong will.

Red has meanings associated with shadows of danger, violence, anger, malice, and aggression.

In addition to stimulating sexual passion, red also stimulates appetite.


A linear path in a dream may represent the path of God, or one’s genuine faith in God’s teachings, or following the example of God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace, or one’s instructor or shaikh.

In a dream, walking on a straight route represents repentance and seeking direction.

Seeing many routes in a dream represents uncertainty, heedlessness, or apostasy, as well as hesitancy.

A road in a dream can also symbolize a trade, eternity, the past, aging, continuity, the good or evil model, or both. In a dream, a boat following the proper sea channel represents rescue.

running away

Dreaming of escaping danger is a warning that it will possibly happen in real life, for example, getting out of bad business, away from enemies or diseases, etc.

If the dreamer was not able to escape in the dream, it indicates that she will fall into the trap of that danger.

If in the dream we escape from the house it hints at the desire to start a new life, free from family pressures.

Dreaming that we escape from an animal indicates that new experiences are coming in our lives, while if we escape from a person, it is a reflection of our dissatisfaction with some relationships.



A deceased person or corpse encased in a sarcophagus in a dream is symbolic of illicitly obtained wealth. If the coffin in the dream was empty, it represented a place of evil or a corrupt person who was sought after by others in the same profession.


A diseased skin in a dream represents a loss of power, whereas healthy skin in a dream represents a healthy life.

In a dream, a sickly look of the skin suggests that you are unwell.

In a dream, seeing yourself dressed in animal skins is a positive omen for receiving something.


A lack of awareness or interest in one’s work is represented by sleeping in a fantasy. The act of sleeping or feeling drowsy in a dream has generally negative implications, with the exception of a person who is frightened or who anticipates an adversity or suffering he may otherwise experience.

This is due to the fact that slumber alleviates all worries, eliminates them altogether, and calms one’s disquiet.

In a dream, to be unwell is indicated by one’s having slept in a cemetery.

Dreaming of sleeping over a grave portends mortality for the ill and unemployment for the healthy.

Sleeping in a dream also signifies stagnation, carelessness, or violation of Allah’s commands, as well as discrediting or disputing the repercussions of disobeying them.

Dreaming of sleeping could also signify a blessed journey, such as the pursuit of knowledge or the performance of virtuous actions.


Those who are knowledgeable frequently use the analogy of a boulder to describe those who lack information.

Stones can also be symbolic of dedication, asceticism, or heavenly individuals when they appear in dreams.

If a devout individual or recluse has a dream in which they are in possession of a stone, it is a portent that the blessings that he receives will become evident in his community, and people will seek him out to intercede for their requirements.


Seeing a guy out and about in a dream is symbolic of a spiritual leader, priest, instructor, mediator, or peacemaker who is open to the good and refuses the evil.



Seeing an animal talking in a dream signifies leaning toward alliances and finding serenity in the company of pious people, or it could mean laboring to support oneself.


Having a dream about a tomb or other stone monument can be interpreted as a portent of wealth, the capture of an enemy, a successful pillage, or the unveiling of a closely guarded secret.

See also “sarcophagus” above.


Dreams about trees can be interpreted as a representation of women and men of varying temperaments and dispositions.

Fights are another meaning of trees in dreams.

Dreaming of an unknown tree, especially one seen in the nighttime, is a portent of trouble, anxiety, difficulty, and dread.

Dreaming of a palm tree, a walnut tree, or another similar tree represents a member of the higher class from whom you will not be able to obtain what you need, nor will you even try.



An unknown woman dying in a dream represents a lack of rain or famine, and if she is revived, rain is forecast.

In general, when a lady dies in a dream, a kid dies in waking life, and vice versa.



A virgin woman in a dream represents pain, adversity, or business challenges, whereas a woman in a dream represents comfort and success.



In a dream, walking straight represents profits, the quest of virtue, and unwavering religious dedication.

The meaning of walking in a dream is to show meekness and obedience to one’s Lord, or to seek a means of sustenance.

Walking barefoot in a dream represents dispelling worry and demonstrating a good religious character.


The presence of water in a dream signifies pleasure, affluence, prosperity, the growth of one’s business, an increase in income, or marriage.

In a dream, an abundance of purified water portends price reductions, harmony, and social justice.

If a person sleeps with their hand submerged in water, they will have a dream in which they are playing with money and becoming confused.

Fresh potable water or a well could also be the immediate cause of a trial, conflict, or catastrophe in a dream.

Green water in a dream represents an extended illness or a wretched life.

In a dream, drinking black water signifies blindness.

See more: water in dreams


White represents innocence, cleanliness, and protection. This colour symbolises chastity, vitality, and attractiveness, as well as simplicity and vigour.

White, which is associated with light, symbolises tranquility, purity, and kindness. It imparts a sense of luminosity compared to white.

White is commonly associated with the divine, the good, the positive, the pristine, and the fresh.


If you see yourself doing wudu (ablution) and then prayer in the Aqeeq mountains in a dream, this shows that God is One.

In a dream, if one witnesses himself performing ritual ablution for supplication from a fountainhead, it signifies that he will receive legal funds. A dream in which a fountainhead is discovered signifies prosperity.

Read more in doing wudu in dreams.



According to some Islamic authors, the color yellow represents stress, anxiety, and illness. Therefore, if you have a dream about yellow snakes, you should be concerned about the health of a friend or family member.

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