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Seeing a dead person happy in dreams : Islamic meaning

~June 11, 2023~

In Islamic tradition, dreams are considered a form of communication from Allah (God), and can serve as a source of guidance, inspiration and even warnings. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) spoke about the importance of dreams and their meaning in the life of believers. However, it is essential to approach dream interpretation with caution, as not all dreams carry a specific message or meaning.

Dreaming of a deceased person is not uncommon and can evoke a variety of emotions, such as nostalgia, pain or even fear. According to Islamic teachings, when one dreams of a deceased person, it is possible that the dream can carry a symbolic message or reflect the subconscious thoughts and emotions of the individual. However, it is crucial to remember that dreams are subjective and can vary in their interpretation.

When a person dreams of a deceased individual who looks happy, it is usually seen as a positive sign. Islam encourages believers to pray for the dead and seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness for them. Observing the happiness of a deceased person in a dream may indicate that Allah has accepted their repentance, forgiven their sins, and granted them a place of peace and satisfaction in the afterlife.

It is important to note that dreams are subjective, and their interpretation should not be taken as an absolute truth. Islam advises seeking guidance from scholars or people with experience in the interpretation of dreams, who can provide a more informed understanding based on the context and details of the dream.

According to Ibn Sireen if the dead individual looks beautiful, happy and well dressed in the dream, it means that such happiness will become the inheritance of his descendants.

Here is an interpretation following the teachings of Ibn Sireen:

If the deceased appears attractive, cheerful, and well-dressed in the dream, it indicates that his descendants will inherit his happiness.

Ibn Sireen

In fact, according to this muslim author, in a dream being pleased or content about something that does not make the heart feel good or that the heart does not think is the right way to act or behave means sadness and sorrow when you wake up.

Moreover, as per this muslim author, if a deceased person appears in a dream as vivacious, pleasant, and casual, it indicates that the dream is a hallucination or that the dreamer is experiencing disturbed dreams, as dead people do not jest and have their own responsibilities to fulfill.

In fact, according to this muslim author, in a dream being pleased or content about something that does not make the heart feel good or that the heart does not think is the right way to act or behave means sadness and sorrow when you wake up.

Happiness in a dream can also mean not thinking about God’s rules. If a person is happy in a dream because a prisoner is set free or a sick person gets better, this is a sign that good things will happen in real life.

Ibn Raasheed Al Bakri asserts that since the afterlife is the world of truth, if the visionary observes the dead person grinning, it indicates that he is doing well in Allah’s sight.

There are another experts that say that a dream in which someone sees a joyous departed relative implies heavenly benefits and satisfaction in the dreamer’s life. It also shows Allah’s favor and signifies that the dreamer is on the proper road, enjoying peace, and finding pleasure in their relationship with their familial relationships.

If presently there are pending tensions, conflicts or arguments inside your extended family, then dreaming of a happy father signifies resolution of past conflicts, forgiveness, or the mending of strained relationships. This dream signifies that the dreamer has found harmony within themselves and with their father, nurturing a sense of emotional well-being.

May Allah, the most Generous, look over you and your family.

Hugging a dead person in dreams in Islam

To dream that you are embracing a departed loved one indicates good news. If you have ever thought of being held in the arms of a deceased person, this can be taken as a sense of comfort in the understanding that the departed person is taking care of us from the place where they are, which is the source of our happy emotions.

Hugging a dead person in my dreams according to Islam.

Seeing your dead father happy in dreams

A dream portraying a happy father may symbolize the dreamer’s fulfillment of their filial obligations, indicating that they have been dutiful, caring, and supportive towards their father. The dream is a reminder of the reward and satisfaction that comes from fulfilling these responsibilities.

Seeing your dead father happy in dreams as per Islam.

Seeing your dad in dreams according to Islam

Having a dream in which one sees one’s own father when one is awake and in need of assistance indicates that the individual will receive assistance from people or places that he does not expect to receive it from.

See more meanings in father in dreams according to Islam.

islamic interpretation of dreaming about father

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