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Dead Baby in Dreams Islamic Meaning

~May 12, 2023~

Seeing a dead baby in a dream means the muslim dreamer will face the end of an early relationship or business association with someone.

A dream in which the dreamer sees a dead baby indicates that he is concerned about getting upsetting news about a member of his extended family’s younger generation. That is according to Ibn Seerin.

Carrying an baby in a dream represents anguish and responsibilities. A kid in a dream represents a frail adversary who alternates between friendliness and hostility. If one dreams that his wife has just given birth to children who are playing around him, it foretells of distress or tragedy, with either positive or negative results.

If a woman has a premonition that she will give birth to a sick baby girl, it means the end of her troubles. She will perish if she gives birth to such a kid through her mouth.

In a dream, a little girl represents wealth, fortune after destitution, and comfort after brief adversity. It is even more lovely to see a baby girl of nursing age in a dream. It alludes to a new and admirable development in one’s life, the receipt of anticipated advantages, or the discovery of a new world.

If a Muslim man has a dream in which he gives birth to a baby, it means that he will bear a weighty load and then run from it, that he will beat his opponent, or that he will escape from a deceitful woman.

Getting a dead baby back to life in dreams in Islam

Dreaming that you have brought back to life a child who had previously passed away is symbolic of offering guidance to a visionary or criticising a pessimist. It is also possible that this will involve correcting careless individuals who will eventually give up their unlawful activities. In the event that a child who has passed away is reincarnated in a dream, an individual with the same name will soon pass away.

Dead baby was asking for food in a dream in Islam

A deceased baby asking food in your dream suggests that you and your family think they should be remembered. More prayers and other actions in their memory are required.

According to Ibn Sirin, one of the most well-known Muslim dream interpreters, asking for oily cuisine in a dream symbolises a long-term problem.

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Related Dreams

Dead baby drawning in a dream in Islam

If you have a dream in which you see a dead infant being submerged, it is a portent of terrible deeds to come.

Dead son dies in a dream in Islam

In a dream, the demise of one’s son signifies the obscurity of one’s identity after death.

According to Ibn Rashid Al Bakri, if a person believes that his son has perished, he will be freed from his adversary. If he has a premonition in which his daughter dies, he will lose hope for relief.

Death in dreams in Islam

Death symbolises faith failing, corruption, and social advancement in dreams.

Dreams that involve death can be a warning about impending travel or difficult financial times.

A dead person being washed and anointed in a dream symbolises a man bathing and applying perfume on his wedding day.

Death in a dream can also mean falling in love or being separated from a beloved, whereas life after death could mean being reunited with a beloved or experiencing isolation in Jahannam.

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Dream meaning of seeing a dead baby in western media

As per some popular dream interpreters in western media, dreaming of a dead infant indicates that the undertaking that has you so enthusiastic will not be realised:

That’s correct, babies are often the source of tremendous delusion, as are the goals that we are so anxious to realise and to which we have devoted so much time. However, if there is one thing that life shows us, it is that no matter how hard we try, not all objectives are achieved. True, time and commitment are required to accomplish our objectives, but there are some things that simply do not have to be.

According to these authors from the west, that is precisely what this dream means, your work or life project may never come to fruition, but you can always set new goals and objectives that may be simpler – or at least more practical – to accomplish.

Dreaming of a deceased infant indicates that you are scared of failing. That’s right, the previous point leads us inevitably to this: the fear of failure is very common both in insecure people and in people who have an excess of self-demand. However, failure is an indispensable part of life and valuable and numerous vital lessons can be drawn from it. Therefore, try to enjoy the process and try not to obsess over the outcome or the final product.

There is also another meaning for a dream of seeing dead babies. Keep reading.

Dreaming of a dead baby means that a stage closes; indeed, many times we find ourselves facing moments of closure in our lives: a job we leave, a relationship that breaks, a friendship that we lose, a goal that we achieve (or that we abandon along the way). However, change is good and necessary to continue advancing and growing as people, whatever the outcome. Therefore, dreaming of a newborn who has died symbolizes precisely this: changes are coming in your life course and you must be prepared for what comes next.

Seeing a deceased baby inside a coffin in dreams is distressing. It warns that your life could take a 180-degree turn, that your plans will not go as planned, and that your projects may fail, but that you must have a plan B and not give up in order to succeed.

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