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Dead Mother in Dreams Islamic Meaning

~May 13, 2023~

According to one islamic interpretation, if you dream of your deceased mother, it indicates that you need some answers or advice about urgent family issues in real life.

As per Ibn Seerin, this dream is an indication of comfort and the end of the dreamer’s concerns if he sees in dreams his mother who has passed away. This is brought home even more clearly when the deceased individual’s own mother emerges in the dream.

Here you will find more than 16 meanings sorted out in alphabetically:

Deceased mother is alive again in a dream in Islam

If your deceased mother is brought back to life wearing new clothes, her offspring will have some good times and they will attainsome prominence and authority.

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Deceased mother dies again in a dream in Islam

If the dreamer witnesses his mother passing away in a dream, it is a portent that he will suffer the loss of his material possessions, his level of comfort, and that he may become careless.

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Deceased mother was eating in a dream in Islam

If your dead mother eats something in a dream, it means that such a commodity will become expensive.

Deceased mother was giving something in dreams in Islam

If the dreamer’s deceased mother gifts him honey, it indicates him will become wealthy.

When a deceased person appears in a dream and bestows a cloak or embellished shirt upon the dreamer, it is a portent that the dreamer will achieve the same level of wisdom, wealth, and talents, as well as the same level of reputation, that the deceased person did during his existence. The blouse is meant to symbolize nourishment, while the robe is meant to represent reverence and dignity.

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Deceased mother was giving food or drink in dreams in Islam

If your dead mom gives you food to eat in your dream, it means you will get legal money from a source you did not expect.

If your mother gives you a new or clean shirt in your dream, you will live as long as the dead person did when she was alive. If the shirt is dirty, you will be tempted to do things that are wrong.

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Deceased mother was asking for food in a dream in Islam

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Deceased mother was happy in a dream in Islam

If your dead mother shows up in your dream looking beautiful, happy, and well-dressed, it means that her children will receive her happiness.

According to Ibn Raasheed Al Bakri, if a dead person is joyful in a dream, then the dreamer is in good standing with Allah, the most Gracious and Merciful, because the Hereafter is the land of truth.

This is due to the fact that the Hereafter is a place where the departed can find unending joy.

Dead mother was at home in a dream in Islam

Seeing that your dead mother was at your family’s house shows your longings to have your mother by your side again. You have a longing for the past, you would like to turn back the time to be with him one more time.

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Seeing your mother in a dream as per Islam

Seeing one’s mother in a dream indicates that a person’s financial circumstances will improve if he or she is currently impoverished.

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Hugging your dead mother in dreams in Islam

According to Ibn Raashid Al Bakri, if one who was alive embraces one who is deceased, it is suggestive of a long life for the one who was alive. This is because the act of embracing indicates that one has been absent from the other for a considerable amount of time.

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Dead mother was praying in a dream in Islam

This dream is quite common and has a lot of meanings. It could reveal that you are going to receive news about your family shortly.

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Deceased mother was sick in a dream in Islam

If you see your dead mother sick in a dream, it means that his condition is contingent upon the satisfaction of his debts and that he is awaiting the Divine justice to take its course.

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Deceased mother was talking in dreams in Islam

If your deceased mother gives you unsolicited advice that does not come true, this is a sign of disoriented visions in your life.

Ingratitude toward one’s loved ones or acquaintances is portrayed in dreams in which a deceased mother converses with the dreamer.

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Travelling with deceased mother in dreams in Islam

According to Raashid Al-Bakri, if a person has a dream in which he travels with a deceased individual, he will be perplexed about certain aspects of his life.

If a deceased person takes the dreamer by the hand and walks with him in a dream, it means receiving money from an unexpected source.

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You were crying at seeing your dead mother in a dream In Islam

Weeping or lamenting in a dream signifies distress, anguish, and anxiety. If such mourning or weeping is performed out of reverence for God Almighty, then salvation and delight will follow.

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Dreaming of dead mother in western culture

According to some experts in dream reading from western coutries, gripping the memory of a mother who has died leads us to sadness, and in part this dream is a representation of the need for affection, feeling supported and protected by a loved one, such as the maternal figure.

When we dream of our mother who has missed, our doubts come to light, what we question in our affection and that profund need that we have in these cases when it comes to feeling more secure in making a decision.

That’s right. These dreams are associated with nostalgia and repetitive thoughts about that person.

Your subconscious mind has a propensity to create dreams about your mother, your goals, and other personal experiences as you drift off to slumber.
The only way to stop having these dreams is to embrace your mother’s passing and to believe that she is in a better place with God.

In a very general way, you must spend all your time overlooking your mother, as is normal, and this causes your subconscious to create several images of her in your head.

Some psychologists, like Ian Wallace, have tried to go a step further and teach us what a dream like this could tell us about ourselves.

For him, dreaming of a dead person returning from beyond symbolizes an opportunity to recover certain qualities that person had, reconnecting with some facet of our identity that we thought lost forever.

Its meaning is nothing more and nothing less than longing and wishing for your mother to return.

As a result, the significance of this dream varies widely based on the identity of the departed soul we see returning to us.

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As per Raashid Al Bakri, if the dreamer dreams that his maternal uncle or maternal aunt came back to life, something will return to him that he had lost. If he dreams that he slept in the same bed with someone who is dead, he will live a long life.

Deceased parents are alive again in dreams in Islam

If one’s deceased father or mother come back to life in a dream, it means relief from distress and abolishingof his fears. This is particularly stronger when one’s deceased mother is seen in the dream.

Dead parents dies again in a dream in Islam

The death of one’s parents in a dream means tightening of his financial means.

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  1. I saw dream where my 4 mnth deceased mother is talking us and suddenly she becomes restless and started crying and loudly saying something which i couldnt hear. Please let me know the meaning.

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