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Dead person asking for something in a dream in Islam

~March 17, 2023~

Having a deceased loved one ask you for something in a dream suggests that you feel anxious or remorseful about something you could not do for them in real life.

This dream’s interpretation can be both literal and figurative. Literally, the dream may suggest that you feel guilty for not doing enough for a deceased loved one before his or her passing.

In a figurative sense, this dream can signify that you feel guilty about something in your current life, such as not devoting enough time to your objectives.

Deceased person was giving something in a dream in Islam

If a departed loved one gives you a present in a dream, take it as a sign of good fortune and a blessing, says Ibn Sirin.

Honey from a dead individual in a dream is a good omen for the dreamer to acquire some sort of treasure.

The dream interpretation of receiving a cape or embellished blouse from a dead person is the same as receiving the departed person’s wisdom, fortune, favor, or social standing. The blouse represents means of subsistence, while the cape stands for respect and esteem.

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Dead person was worried in a dream in Islam

If a dead person is occupied, anxious, or poorly clothed in a dream, it indicates that they are going through a battle that can only be resolved by the will of Allah Almighty.

Dead person was sick in a dream in Islam

If the departed individual is ill in the dream, it indicates that Allah, the most Merciful, will hold him accountable for his lack of religious observance.

If the face of the dead one appears black or impenetrable in the dream, it denotes that the individual passed away as an atheist.

Deceased person was complaining in a dream in Islam

If a recently departed person in a dream complains about having a migraine headache, it is a sign that the dreamer consider that he is being questioned about their religious indifference, inequities, or the abhorrent way in which they treated their parents.

If the deceased person complaints about his eyes in the dream, it is a sign that the dead indivual is being questioned about what he owed to his wife, about her dower, or about a will or a trust that he squandered.

This dream is an indication that he is being questioned about the the dead individual’s rights of his sibling, sister, son, or business associate, or about a fraudulent promise that he took, if the dreamer sees the dead man complaining about his left arm.

Dead person eating in a dream in Islam

If a deceased person eats something in a dream, it means that such a commodity will become expensive.

Dead people dying again in a dream in Islam

If one witnesses a deceased person die in their dream and then participates in the funeral procession, it is a portent that one of their offspring or other family members will pass away soon.

If no tears are shed at his funeral, it is likely that one of his descendants will shortly bind the knot.

Seeing a dead person dying again in dreams.

Dream meaning of dead person asking for something in western tradition

Some dream experts from western countries think despite the fact that it seems strange and scary to see a deceased individual pleading for sustenance in dreams, it can have significant significance in dreams, just like many other things.

A deceased individual pleading for food in a dream signifies remorse over having intentionally or unintentionally left a loved one famished while they were still living. This individual could stand in for a parent, relative, or close acquaintance. The deceased guy is inquiring about a particular dinner in your dream, as if he had gone without while he was still living.

According to these authors, this dream’s significance can be taken literally or metaphorically. If taken literally, the dream might be a sign that you are regretting not doing more for a loved one before they passed away.

If you ever dreamt that a deceased person is pleading with you for something, this is a sign that they are still with you in spirit. This could represent the fact that there is something this individual wishes you to know or do. These indications can provide us with the solutions to the queries we have regarding the past, present, and future.

These kinds of dreams may be your brain attempting to recall you of a significant event from your past that you need to remember, according to some readings of them. Either a good recollection or a regrettable one can come to mind. In your dreams, the deceased may occasionally be offering us guidance on how to lead better lives.

Another section of these group of western expert consider that you may be attempting to carry out the final desires of the individual who has gone away. This indicates that, whether it is a short-term wish or a long-term aim, you feel accountable for achieving that person’s objective.

Having the dead person come to you for financial help in a dream suggests that the problems you’ve been having are more theoretical than real. Maybe you do not have the freedom to pursue your dreams anymore. By doing so, you are avoiding the obligations and stresses of your life. You will be overly sensitive to criticism, particularly from your spouse.

If your dream occurs frequently and these interpretations do not satisfy your curiosity about what it means to dream of a deceased person, remember that you can always consult a psychologist or psychoanalyst.

The Holy Quran about dead person asking for forgiveness

Abu Hurayra said,

“The dead person can be raised a degree after his death.
He said,
‘My Lord, how is this?’
He was told,
‘Your child can ask for forgiveness for you.'”

Book 1, Hadith 36

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