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Mother in Dreams Islamic Meaning

~October 21, 2023~

islamic interpretation of dreaming about mother

Seeing one’s mother in a dream indicates that a person’s financial circumstances will improve if he or she is currently impoverished.

If the dreamer is wealthy, it will restrict his earnings, as children are dependent on others and their movements are limited.

Seeing one’s mother in a dream signifies the realisation of an objective.

If the person in question is impoverished, it means that his financial circumstances will improve, but if he is wealthy, it means that his earnings will be restricted, as a child is dependent on others and his movements are limited.

If a person is experiencing difficulties and encounters his mother in a dream, he will receive assistance from unexpected sources.

If a person the dreamer knows is unwell, this dream indicates that he will be cured.

If someone dreams of her mother, and if in reality he is anticipating the return of a traveller, that person may soon arrive.

Seeing one’s mother in a dream signifies something deeper and more significant than seeing one’s father.

Remeber, dear reader, a man’s visions are most enjoyable when he encounters his parents, grandparents, or other relatives.

Seeing you mother angry in a dream

Dreaming of seeing your mother being upset or angry can indicate difficulties in your relationship, especially if you are trying to express yourself to others.

Seeein your mother getting upset in a dream must be seen in the light of one’s deepest ambitions. If a mentally disturbed mother dies, it indicates that there will be problems in some part of life.

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Seeing your mother dying in a dream in islam

If one witnesses his mother passing away in a dream, it portends that he will lose his worldly possessions and comfort, and may become careless. If the dreamer is a seeker on the path, he will forfeit the benefits of his labour or fail to perform his required supplication.

Seeing your dead mother in a dream in Islam

If one’s deceased mother appears in a dream, it signifies relief from distress and the elimination of one’s anxieties. This is especially true when a deceased mother appears in the dream. Resurrecting the dead in a dream signifies advising an unbeliever or reprimanding an innovator.

According to one islamic interpretation, if you dream of your deceased mother, it indicates that you need some answers or advice about urgent family issues in real life.

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islamic meaning of a dream of seeing a dead mother

Seeing your mother sick or unwell in dreams in Islam

If one’s mother is unwell and he has a dream in which an underground granary is destroyed or filled with soil, it indicates that she may die from her illness.

Proposing marriage to your own mother in a dream

In a dream, if a man proposes his mother in marriage to one of his acquaintances, he will sell his home.

Having relations with your own mother in a dream in Islam

If an ill person dreams of having intimate relations with his mother, it is a portent of death, as the mother represents the earth.

If in a dream one witnesses the sun and moon prostrating themselves before him, it indicates that his parents are delighted with him.

Seeing yourself inside the womb of your mother in a dream in Islam

In a dream, if one sees himself inside the womb of his mother while travelling in a foreign nation, it signifies that he will expire and be buried in his motherland.

If one sees his mother giving birth to him in a dream and he is unwell in real life, this portends his impending death, as the deceased are draped in shrouds and newborns in receiving cloths.

Seeing socks in a dream means migrate with mother to another country

As long as they are not worn, hosiery in a dream symbolise affluence and protection. When seen in a dream, they represent commercial losses.
If a person’s mother is still alive, he will either migrate with her to another country, or she will be deprived of her son.

islamic interpretation of dreaming about father

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