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Dead Father in Dreams Islamic Meaning

~May 13, 2023~

muslim interpretation of a seeing deceased father in a dream

One islamic interpretation for a dream of dead father indicates that there is still urgent issues you need to do in relation with your family.

In order to get a better understanding of your dream, you should try to remember how you felt through the dream in which you see your deceased father. Both the dream’s elements and your reaction to them can have multiple interpretations.

The preponderance of the following readings originate from the works of Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Sirin Al-Ansari, also known as Ibn Sirin, and Ibn Raasheed Al Bakri, another Islamic dream interpreter.

Here you will find more than 24 meanings sorted out in alphabetically:

Deceased father is alive again in a dream in Islam

If your father were to return to life donning different clothes, his children would have more joy and ascend to positions of greater importance and influence in society.

Deceased father was eating in a dream in Islam

If you have a dream in which you see your deceased father eating something or ingesting some type of food, then the price of the item being eaten will increase in the near future.

If you dream that you are dining with others, it is a sign that you will soon experience increased levels of personal success and prosperity, as well as pleasure, harmonious relationships, and a general enhancement in the quality of your life.

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Deceased father was giving food or drink in dreams in Islam

If your dead father gives you food to eat in your dream, it means you will get legal money in a way you did not expect.

If in your dream your father gives you a blouse that is brand new or freshly laundered, it is a sign that you will be able to experience life through the eyes of the person who has passed away. If the shirt is filthy, it is a sign that you will be compelled to act in an inappropriate manner because of the shirt.

If we think that we are surrounded by a lot of food that we really like, it could mean that we will have a lot of money or that things are going well for us in general.

If, for example, the amount of food starts to make us feel like we are being crushed by a mountain, it could mean that the same kind of excess or success is starting to take over.

On the other hand, if we can see the food but not touch it, it would mean that we feel useless in the face of something that is keeping us from our most important goals.

Pray that Allah will recognize us as righteous servants and make our lives simpler in the years to come.

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Deceased father was happy in a dream in Islam

If your dead father looks great, happy and well dressed in the dream, it means that such happiness will become the inheritance of his descendants.

As per Ibn Raasheed Al Bakri if the dreamer sees the dead individual happy, this dream indicates that his status before Allah is good, because the Hereafter is the realm of truth.

Deceased father was hiting you in a dream in Islam

If a dead father was hitting the dreamer, that indicates that he/she is taking wealth that is owed to the deceased.

If your dead father was angry with you, you should read dead person was angry in dreams.

Dreaming of beeing hit by something or someone who expresses anger indicates discord and displeasure of various kinds, but almost always caused by the dreamer.

Dreaming of hitting a child or a weak and helpless person indicates that the dreamer has taken too many liberties and advantages over other people and probably intends to continue doing so for personal gain.

To dream that knocks are heard, for example at a door, hints that the expected news will soon arrive.

In some cases, it is usually someone who wants to apologize for something that harmed the dreamer.

If in the dream the blow we receive is the product of a punch or a slap indicates that our freedom is compromised by difficulties that will arise due to our own mistakes.

Dead father returns home in a dream in Islam

The fact that you had a dream in which your deceased father returned home is symbolic of the void his absence has created in your life. You begin to miss the good old days and wish you could travel back in time to spend more time with him. You discover yourself desiring the ability to travel through time.

Dreaming that you are going back to your boyhood home or staying there for an extended period of time portends good tidings.

Tiny, outdated, and abandoned homes in your dreams are a sign that your health is declining and that if prompt, effective action is not taken, your businesses, job, etc., will continue to deteriorate.

A desire to try new things in search of luck can be seen in the desire to leave one’s home in a dream.

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Deceased father was sleeping in dream in Islam

Dreaming of a deceased loved one resting peacefully is an indication that the afterlife will be a place of serenity and comfort for the dreamer.

True rest is only attained when one is able to fall asleep in a comfortable bed, with clean sheets, and without disturbing visions. When unconscious, you are unaware of your surroundings, and what is occurring outside your door is irrelevant.

The significance of your dream in which you see other people sleeping becomes apparent when you contemplate what it means to be unconscious.

If you had a dream that you were sleeping in a beautiful, clean bed, it signified that you had attained an inner peace and that the people in your life adored you.

Resting awkwardly in a dream is a portent of impending illness or other difficult circumstances in one’s conscious life, whether at home, at work, in personal relationships, or elsewhere.

If you pass out in the presence of an irritating person, object, or animal, it is a sign that your romantic, professional, and social pursuits may be threatened by hazardous rivals.

Deceased father was sad in dream in Islam

If the dreamer sees his dead father frowning or turning away from him, it is enough for one of you to encourage him to apologize in the dream. This dream serves as a reminder that the dreamer’s status before Allah is poor.

Most often, something that has not received adequate attention, such as appropriate medical care, causes the illness. It shows itself by showing signs that something is not working properly.

When someone is ill, they require care. In order to regain one’s health, it is crucial to try to understand what is happening inside the body and look for possible answers to the current problem.

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Deceased father was sick in a dream in Islam

If you have a dream about your deceased father being ill, it indicates that he is anticipating the completion of his obligations and that divine justice is taking its course.

If you see a dead family member ill in a dream, it indicates that you are being investigated for not attending church regularly while you were alive.

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Deceased father was talking in dreams in Islam

What a deceased parent says about himself in a dream is accurate because he has reached the truth’s abode, where deception is prohibited.

When your deceased father gives you advice in a dream, but it does not come true, it signifies that the dreamer’s real-life visions are disorganized.

Having a conversation with a deceased father in a dream signifies ingratitude toward one’s family or companions.

Additionally, conversing with the deceased in a dream is indicative of a lengthy life.

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Being called by your dead father in a dream in Islam

Being called by a dead father in dreams, it means you were thinking about this person in real life, or someone or something has bring up some emotional recollections of that departed loved one.

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Burying someone in dreams in Islam

To bury a deceased individual signifies an attempt to conceal his defects for a muslim dreamer. Seeing a deceased person burying another deceased person in a dream signifies unity, cleansing of the heart, love and friendship between family members, or perhaps imprisonment, marriage, a disease.

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More meanings

Hugging my dead father in dreams in Islam

Ibn Raashid Al Bakri asserted that an embrace is an indication of affection and loyalty. If a person dreams that he is embracing and reclining his head on the shoulder of a man, he will give all of his money to that man. If a person who was once alive embraces a person who is now deceased, it indicates that the person who was once alive led a lengthy life, since the embrace indicates that the two individuals were separated for a considerable amount of time.

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Praying for your dead father in dreams in Islam

Praying for the deceased is indicative of offering a lot of supplication for the dead and praying for forgiveness for them and interceding forwrongdoers with prominent people.

Seeing your dad praying a dreams according to Islam

Seeing your father praying in a dream means you need to fulfill your religious duties in relation to your family members, moreover, you need to pray for him in real life.

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Sleeping in the same bed with dead father in dreams in Islam

Sleeping in the same bed with a dead father, means the dreamer will live a long life.

Deceased parents are alive again in dreams in Islam

A person’s anguish and worries will be mitigated if they see their deceased parents return back to life in a dream. When one’s dead mother appears in the dream, this is especially potent.

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Dead mother dies again in a dream in Islam

A dream about one’s mother dying predicts that person will lose comfort, financial success, and may also turn careless.

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Dead parents dies again in a dream in Islam

The death of one’s parents in a dream means tightening of his financial means.

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Seeing a dead baby in a dream as per Islam

A dream in which the dreamer sees a dead infant suggests that he is anxious about receiving unpleasant news concerning a member of the younger generation in his extended family.

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Seeing a coffin in a dream in Islam

As per Ibn Seerin, if a coffin appears in a dream, it represents knowledge, tranquillity, and respect. A coffin in a dream can also represent worry and stress or a moving vehicle.

In a dream, a coffin symbolises enormous wealth. May Allah blesses you with an infinite amount of prosperity and innumerable wonderful surprises.

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muslim interpretation of death in a dream

YouTube video of dead father dream

The Holy Quran about dead father

(26) Chapter: The Virtues Of ‘Abdullah Bin ‘Amr Bin Haram, The Father Of Jabir (RA)

My father was brought in a state that his ears had been cut off and (his dead body) was placed before Allah’s Apostle, the rest of the hadith is the same.

Book 44, Hadith 187

(44) The Book of the Merits of the Companions

Abu Huraira reported God’s messenger as saying, “When a man dies no further reward is recorded for his actions, with three exceptions:

sadaqa which continues to be supplied, or knowledge from which benefit continues to be reaped, or the prayers of a good son for his dead father.” Muslim transmitted it.

Sahih Muslim 2471d

Dream meaning of dead father in western culture

Dreaming about the deceased people are considered by some dream interpreters from western media as a caution from that individual who has passed away and has taken the time to leave you with a crucial message. It might also be seen as a symbol put there by our unconscious mind to alert us to something we are doing incorrectly.

When a dream explicitly refers to a father figure, the message takes on a very particular significance. Typically, the parent represents care and love, but also power, discipline, and reverence in various contexts, and having dreams about our deceased parents is a very unique message they are trying to convey to us. Perhaps they are trying to let us know they are okay, say goodbye, or send us positive or hopeful messages.

However, some authors believe that a dream about a deceased father has an alternative interpretation. According to them, if we have a dream in which our deceased father appears, we should alter our plans. The father is a figure of authority, so if he appears in our dreams, it is a warning that we are likely making decisions that are not appropriate. Take the time to reflect and have the fortitude to alter our life’s course.

Another explanation for seeing your deceased father in a dream is that you will face a difficult situation that will require your protection. Someone could be plotting something against you if you are experiencing a period of relative peace. But do not be frightened; prepare to endure this phase with fortitude and have reliable people by your side to assist you.

A group of American dream specialists believes that one of the most significant reasons why the spirits of our deceased mother or father appear in our dreams is that we need their assistance and guidance, and they wish to assist us; in this case, we must interpret this dream and pay close attention to its message.

These are merely a few of the reasons why our deceased mother or father may appear in our dreams, but we should not be afraid, as they are our parents in both life and death.

In most cases we can not remember the message that the deceased person has given us, so although we can not explain the dream in words, in our heart and intuitively we know the reason for the encounter with our mother or father, it is a feeling of reality so clear, that he who has had it will verify that they are different from a common dream.

Even if we cannot describe the dream in words, we know the reason for the interaction with our mother or father. It is a sensation of realism so intense that anyone who has had it will corroborate that it is not a common dream. In most cases, we are unable to remember the message that the departed person gave us.

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