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Seeing dead person alive again in dreams : Islamic meaning

~April 8, 2023~

Seeing that a deceased person has returned to life in dreams foretells the revival of something the dreamer had previously written off as lost or the removal of obstacles he is currently confronting, this is what Ibn Seerin claimed.

Dreaming of a deceased loved one returning to life indicates that his or her descendants will benefit from a legacy or inheritance. May Allah (s.w.t.) grant you wealth beyond your fondest imaginings.

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Dead person is alive again and talking in a dream in Islam

Having a dream in which you are conversing with deceased loved ones or acquaintances is symbolic of your lack of appreciation toward them.

Dreaming that you are interacting with the spirits of the departed portends a long and healthy life.

If you were talking with you deceased father in a dream, read talking dead father.

Dead father is alive again in a dream in Islam

Your current emotions and memories of your father can be deduced from your visions about him after his death. Which leaves space for a variety of interpretations based on the particulars of your experience and how you responded.

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Dead parents are alive again in dreams in Islam

The resurrection of a loved one’s parent in a dream is interpreted as a sign of solace and the elimination of anxieties. This is intensified when the deceased mother of the dreamer appears.

Pray that Allah will alleviate your problems and hardships and reward you abundantly with his blessings.

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Dead people coming out of their graves in dreams in Islam

If in a dream one witnesses the inhabitants of graveyards emerging from their graves to consume people’s harvest or food supplies, this portends an increase in food prices. If he witnesses them imbibing from the wells in a dream, the town will be struck by a terrible epidemic.

If the dreamer watches the deceased leaving their graves and returning to their residences, it signifies the widespread liberation of prisoners during a general amnesty.

Travelling with dead people in a dream in Islam

As per Raashid Al-Bakri, if someones dream about travelling with a dead person, he will be confused about some of his affairs.

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Dead person eating in a dream in Islam

If you dream that a deceased person is consuming an item, the price of that item will increase.

Dead person is sick in a dream in Islam

If the deceased is very ill in the dream, it indicates that he is accountable to God Almighty for his religious indifference.

If the deceased’s face in the dream appears gloomy or opaque, it indicates that he perished as an unbeliever.

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Dreaming of a grave in Islam

According to the most influential Muslim dream interpreter of all time, Muhammad Ibn Sirin, a cemetery in a dream represents a prison, and a prison in a dream represents a burial. If a person has a premonition in which they reside in a cemetery, they will spend time behind bars. Pray that Allah (s.w.t) will protect you from experiencing this in reality.

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The Holy Quran and a dead person

‘A’isha reported Allah’s Apostle saying:

If a company of Muslims numbering one hundred pray over a dead person, all of them interceding for him, their intercession for him will be accepted.

Book 11, Hadith 76

Dream meaning of dead people alive again in the western tradition

There is a significative amount of western dream experts who claim that dreaming of deceased individuals can be interpreted as a sign that we are remembering them or would have wanted them to be in our lives at a particular time when we needed an embrace, some counsel, or some words of encouragement.

Some american dream interpreters believe that this type of dreams are associated with a concealed message left by our deceased loved ones so that we do not neglect them. If a dead loved one makes contact with you in your dream or performs a personal act with you, it suggests that you are looking for approval and/or support before making important choices. Even though we frequently display resolve, we must keep in mind that we are only human and can falter even before an event takes place.

If in your dream that person moves away despite your attempts to get closer, it may represent your desire to be near to him, your inability to say farewell or your inability to solve their problems. These inconclusions can disturb our rest since we wish that last meeting had been totally different.

Accordinf to those authors, our mind can reveal our most hidden and sincere desires. If we dream that that loved one is alive, it is because we miss them and we need them. Touring the same places, looking at photographs and/or owning an object can revive that feeling of absence.

These drem experts believe that it is important to keep in mind that the memories and experiences of the past must be part of learning and that being in a sensitive, emotional and vulnerable state does not make us less than others, on the contrary, it makes you someone willing to feel and know yourself in that way.

If you have a dream in which a departed loved one comes back to life and tries to have a conversation with you, this is a warning that you need to talk to someone and get some advice because you are feeling more solitary and susceptible than usual.

If you are unable to communicate with a departed person in your dream, it may be because you were unable to express your sincere emotions and thoughts to that person before they passed away. If this is the case, you should try to remember to do so in the future.

People who have experienced severe trauma frequently have hallucinations involving the deceased. If a departed family member, close acquaintance, or loved one appears in your dream, you might have a peculiar feeling or wakeup with a sense of anticipation. This could be because the person was important to you while they were alive.

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