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Dictionary of Dreams

قاموس الأحلام

In the Name of Allah,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
Lord and Cherisher of the Universes.

May the highest and most glorious of His blessings be showered upon those who are selected and elected by him.
All credit is due to Allah, the Lord of the Universes and the One Who Cherishes Them.

The nature of dreams

Dreams are linked to the real spirit and desires of the dreamer. The importance given to each component emphasizes the need for a realistic perspective, which is the optimal viewpoint. But one must understand that no matter what one may do in a dream, the real action is God’s.

One can learn about visions by reading about them in the Islamic faith as well as through experience. For instance, according to Al-Ghazali, dream vision should typically be interpreted as signals that must be decoded.

As per Imam Al-Ghazali:

“Souls cannot be seen, and what is seen in dreams is only symbols which indicate a meaning to the dreamer”.

How to interpret a Dream?

It takes extensive information, sharp perception, and sensitivity to interpret dreams. Such information must be founded on one’s basic religious beliefs, inner spiritual values, and cultural and moral customs.

Deductive reasoning and examples that are comprehended by perception and the mind serve as the key foundation for dream interpretation, which is a component of prophecy and revelation.

The meaning might alter if something is added to or taken away from the dream. For instance, hearing oneself weeping is a sign of catastrophe, whereas seeing oneself cry in a dream is a sign of happiness. In a dream, laughing alone is sadness; with a grin, it is pleasure.

Interpreting dreams helps to put the things happening to us in perspective, it helps us to see their nature through scrutinizing and examining their effects in our heart and mind with analytical wisdom.

Imam al-Baghawi said:

“Know that the interpretation of dreams falls into various categories. Dreams may be interpreted in the light of the Quran or in the light of the Sunnah, or by means of the proverbs that are current among people, or by names and metaphors, or in terms of opposites.”

(Sharh al-Sunnah, 12/220)

It may be said that if one goes to sleep at the beginning of the night and sees a dream, it is going to happen later, and if it is seen nearer to morning, then it is going to happen soon, and if it is seen in the middle of the night then it is in between being close at hand and far off.

The dream meanings in this site come from the examples of the Holy Qur’an, from the principles of dream interpretation utilizing the evidence and the guidance of the Holy Prophet.

Those who understand his teachings are able to interpret dreams in the best manner.

A dream may be seen at the beginning of the night and materializes the next morning, or it may be seen at the end of the night and take a long time to materialize.

For example, if one person sees the sun eclipsed, and another sees the ocean dry up, and another sees a great mountain collapse, and another sees a great river disappearing into the earth: all of that is indicative of one thing, which is the death of a great man, whether he is one of the righteous, a scholar, or a ruler.

You should pay special attention to what is usually implied by a certain event or situation. For example, a man sees his enemy in good shape in a dream. This indicates that he is going to face hardship caused by somebody else, because what is usually implied by an enemy being happy is that he is going through hardship; the opposite, seeing his enemy going through hardship, indicates that he is going to encounter happy times.

Another example is seeing one’s loved one in good shape or going through hardship; this implies that something similar will happen to the dreamer.

Sometimes, seeing something in a dream means exactly the opposite in real life. For example, sorrow in a dream indicates happiness, and happiness indicates anguish.

If an pregnant woman believes she is giving birth to a female, she will actually give birth to a male; the reverse is true if she believes she is giving birth to a male in a dream. This is because, according to some, the birth of a female causes sadness, so when she delivers a male, she will be happy, and happiness in a dream is represented by sadness. She will be glad if she has a male child, but sad if she has a female child because joyfulness in a dream is equivalent to despair.

Traditions that differ, like taking off one’s garments. Taking off one’s clothes in front of a crowd of people in a dream indicates a poor image, particularly if the person is displaying the “Awrah,” but doing so in the bath denotes something positive and release from stress because it is the natural thing to do.

We should take into consideration that we must read each dream based on religious opinions, logic, idioms, crucial factors, dictating circumstances, parables, what is deemed correct in the social group in which the dreamer interacts.

Types of dreams

Good dreams (Rahmani)

The good dream is from Allah, while the nightmares is from Shaytan. Thus, whoever has a nightmare, then let him seek refuge from it and spit on his left side, then indeed it will not harm him (1 Sahih al-Bukharl 6986)

The good dream is from Allah, thus if one of you see that which he loves then do not inform anyone except those he loves. And if he sees that which he hates, then seek refuge with Allah from its evil, (Sahih al-Bukharl 7044)

These types of dreams—which are essentially meaningless and leave you feeling perplexed, worried, or troubled—are frequently the work of the adversary, who uses them to stir up your feelings and stir up your heart. It is not Allah (s.w.t.) who creates frightful or useless objects.

Bad Dreams (Shayatano)

Bad or evil dreams are the ones that causes pain to the dreamer, they are belived to come from the satan.

Pray that Allah, the All-Mighty and Merciful, will protect you and your family from such nightmares.

Meaningless Dreams

The devil typically sends you these kinds of dreams, which are basically meaningless and cause confusion, unneeded concern, and bothersome feelings. He does this to agitate your emotions and heart.

Scariness does not come from Allah, the Most Merciful, and neither does meaningless.

I beseech Allah to help us do this sincerely for His delight and to prevent us from erring, deviating, and falling short.

How to react to our dreams?

Good Dreams

When a person sees a good dream, it is recommended that he does three things.

  • He should praise Allah, the most Gracious, for the dream.
  • He should view it as glad tidings.
  • He should only share the dream with those he adores and not with those he dislikes.

(Al-Qayyim Al-Baghawi)

Bad Dreams

If one of you sees a dream he hates, then let him spit to his left side three times, and let him seek refuge with Allah from Shaytan three times . . . (Sahih Muslim 2262).

Things to Do After Having a Bad Dream

After experiencing a nightmare that he finds particularly disturbing, a good muslim dreamer will always and without fail carry out the following steps:

  • As the Muslim is ordered to do with regard to every issue that he despises, seek refuge with Allah,upon whom be peace, from any kind of evil.
  • Lightly spit on the left side to ward off the Shaytan, who is responsible for this abhorrent dream. This is done to denigrate him and show that he is immoral. Because it is where the waste is, the left side is mentioned. And to confirm it, the individual swallows three times.
  • He needs to get up and meditate. This is due to the fact that prayer entails facing Allah (s.w.t.) and asking for His protection and defense against the evil one. The individual perfects what he is pursuing through prayer because he is so near to his Master when he is in prostration.
  • He should not describe or explain his dread to anyone, because visions take on the shape that their justifications give them.

I thank Allah the Merciful and Compassionate Lord for the opportunity. He allowed me to share with you my understandings and experience interpreting dreams.

islamdreaming.com is a site about dreams based on the mulsim tradition