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Dead wife in Dreams Islamic Meaning

For a muslim widower, seeing a dead wife in his dream means there are still issues over his previous marriage bothering him recently.

On the other hand, if the dreamer’s wife is alive, then a dream of seeing her dying means the dreamer is afraid of something bad happen to her in real life.

For a muslim in a dream, a wife can represent a partner, an antagonist, an unfair master, one’s adversary, prosperity, a vehicle, terrestrial riches, temporal pleasures, the combination of comfort and toil, or she can represent honor, class, or any other indication of personality or character. She can also represent a combination of comfort and toil.

As per Al-Bakri, a good islam dream expert, if the dreamer’s wife is pregnant, he will be blessed with a boy, but if he sees it red, his wife will have a miscarriage.

If you had this dream, pray that Allah will shower you with His blessings and make your difficulties and challenges easier to bear.

Deceased wife is alive again in a dream in Islam

If your deceased wife is brought back to life wearing new clothes, her offspring will have some good times and they will attainsome prominence and authority.

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Deceased wife dies again in a dream in Islam

If a good muslim widower sees that his wife was passing away in a dream, it is a sign that he will lose his material possessions and his level of comfort, as well as become negligent.

If you had this dream, may Allah grants your family the fortitude to persevere by bestowing them with tolerance, comfort, and hope.

Deceased wife was eating in a dream in Islam

If your dead wife eats something in a dream, it means that such a commodity will become expensive.

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Deceased wife was giving something in dreams in Islam

If the dreamer’s dead wife presents him with honey, he will become rich.

When a deceased person appears in a dream and bestows a cloak or an embellished blouse on the dreamer, it foretells that the dreamer will achieve the same level of knowledge, riches, and skills, as well as the same level of notoriety, as the deceased person did during his life. The blouse represents sustenance, whereas the robe represents respect and decorum.

May Allah, the most Generous, keep you safe by His grace and bounty.

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Deceased dead was happy in a dream in Islam

If your deceased wife appears in your dream as beautiful, joyful, and exquisitely dressed, it is a portent that her children will enjoy the same pleasure she did in life.

According to Ibn Raasheed Al Bakri, if a deceased person is happy in a dream, the dreamer is in good standing with Allah, the Most Merciful and Compassionate, because the Hereafter is the realm of truth. This is because the Hereafter is the domain where deceased individuals reside.

This is due to the fact that the Hereafter is a place where the deceased can experience unending pleasure.

Hugging your dead wife in dreams in Islam

Ibn Raashid Al Bakri believed that if a living individual gave a deceased individual a hug, it was an indication that the living individual would live a long and robust life. This is due to the fact that demonstrating affection through an embrace implies a considerable amount of time has elapsed between the two parties.

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Dead wife was at home in a dream in Islam

Seeing your deceased wife at your family’s home displays your wish to be with her again. You long for the past and wish you could go back in time to be with him again.

Deceased wife was sick in a dream in Islam

If you see your deceased wife ill in a dream, it signifies that his health is dependent on the payment of his debts and that he is awaiting Divine justice to take its course.

Deceased wife was talking in dreams in Islam

If your deceased wife gives you unsolicited counsel that does not come true, it is an indication that your life objectives are out of sync.

Dreams in which the dreamer talks with a dead wife represent ungratefulness towards one’s loved ones or friends.

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You were crying at seeing your dead wife in a dream in Islam

Dreaming of crying or bemoaning at seeing your wife dead is expressing your anguish, anxiety, and distress. If such lamenting or crying is done out of veneration for the Almighty God, then redemption and joy will follow in its wake.

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Dreaming of dead wife in western culture

According to some experts in dream reading from western coutries, fear is inevitable in dreams in which death appears, but the symbolism of death in dreams is actually quite positive. Death is viewed as an opportunity to be reborn, to begin again, and to extinguish the evil in order to birth the good. Therefore, it is normal for you to have this dream when your companion is experiencing a challenging situation.

When you dream of your partner’s death, you are truly imagining a better existence for him. If this signifies a separation, the dream does not state so; you must determine this on your own. However, this in no way signifies that you desire him harm.

If you had this dream, you do not desire for your partner’s demise, so do not condemn yourself. You want him to begin a new life cycle so he can leave his problems behind. The Phoenix is continually resurrected from its own ashes because there are periods in life when it is necessary to completely regenerate, transform, and relearn everything.

It should be mentioned that diseases in dreams are not predictive; therefore, do not take the dream seriously because you lack predictive skills. The disease is associated with mental breakdowns and internal conflicts. This dream suggests that your partner is going through a life crisis or loss.

Again, this is not a foreshadowing dream, but rather information about your partner’s present condition: he is confused, has stopped walking, or is unsure of which path to take in life. And you fear that he will go it alone in that moment of loss, before he decides where to go next.

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