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Dead grandmother alive in Dreams Islamic Meaning

Last Update : May 6, 2023

According to Ibn Raashid Al Barki, if the dreamer’s grandmother comes back to life, he will gain authority; the same applies if it is one of his parents, but the mother coming back to life is stronger.

As per Ibn Sirin, seeing your grandfather in one’s house in a dream represents one’s own father. With the same reasoning, we can say that dreaming of grandmother in the dreamer’s house represents his own mother.

Also, take into consideration this:

Having a dream about a deceased grandmother is commonly interpreted as a positive indication of wisdom and experience. It is likely that the dreamer misses his grandmother, and this is the primary reason she appears in his visions.

Here you will find more than 16 meanings sorted out in alphabetically:

Seeing your grandfather in a dream in Islam

In a metaphor for longevity or gaining respect, having a dream in which you become a grandparent is very significant.

If you dream that you see your grandfather, it is a sign that you are going to have a joyful existence.

In a dream, one’s own parent is represented by their own grandfather living in their home. Consequently, any interpretation that pertains to a person’s parent should be applicable here.

When a person dreams that their grandparent has passed away, it is a sign that they have lost their resolve and willpower.

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According to Ibn Sirin,
The upper and lower molars are also symbolic of the most distant members of one’s family, including the grandmother and the granddaughters.

Deceased grandmother is alive again in a dream in Islam

If your deceased mother is resurrected donning new garments, his descendants will enjoy some good times and achieve prominence and authority.

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Deceased grandmother dies again in a dream in Islam

If one sees his mother dying in a dream, it means that he will lose his worldly attainments, comfort and that he may become heedless.

Deceased grandmother was giving food or drink in dreams in Islam

If your deceased mom gives you some food to eat in the dream, it means receiving lawful earnings from an unexpected source.

If your mother in the dream gives you a new shirt or a clean shirt, you will attain alivelihood like that of the deceased person when he was still alive, but if it is dirty, you will be tempted to commit immoral actions.

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Deceased grandmother was happy in a dream in Islam

If your deceased mother appears in your dream as attractive, cheerful, and well-dressed, it signifies that his descendants will inherit his happiness.

The Hereafter is the realm of truth, so according to Ibn Raasheed Al Bakri, if a deceased person is delighted in a dream, the dreamer’s standing before Allah is excellent.

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Hugging your dead grandmother in dreams in Islam

As per Ibn Raashid Al Bakri, if one who was alive embraces one who is dead, that is indicative of a long life for the one who was alive, because embracing is indicative of lengthy absence of one from the other.

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Dead grandmother was at home in a dream in Islam

Seeing that your dead grandmom was at your family’s house shows your longings to have your mother by your side again. You have a longing for the past, you would like to turn back the time to be with him one more time.

Dead grandmother was calling you in dreams Islam

If you were called by your grandma in a dream is a very meaningul experience. You should not take it lightly because the dream is warning you about the existencie of family issues from the past that have not been addressed, perhaps tensions, conflicts or differences for inheritance. You are aware that something must be done in one aspect of you life.

Dead grandmother praying on a funeral in Islam

If one sees a deceased person performing the funeral prayer over another deceased person in a dream, it means that one’s actions are false, for performing a funeral prayer is a deed and dead people have no more deeds to offer.

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Deceased grandmother was sick in a dream in Islam

If you see your deceased mother in poor health in a dream, it indicates that his condition is dependent on the fulfillment of his obligations and that he is awaiting Divine justice to take its course.

Dead grandmother inside a coffin in a dream in Islam

A dead person or body within a sarcophagus symbolizes illicit funds in a dream.

If the coffin is empty in the dream, it represents a wicked residence or a person of evil who is pursued by those in the same occupation.

Seeing your dead grandmother in a coffin could mean you are having some recolletions about her when shewas alived. Perhaps recently someone has brought you some memories about her.

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Deceased grandmother was asking for food in a dream in Islam

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Travelling with deceased grandmother in dreams in Islam

According to Raashid Al-Bakri, if a person dreams that he is journeying with a deceased person, it means that he will have a muddled understanding of certain aspects of his existence.

If you have a dream in which a deceased individual grabs your hand and leads you somewhere, it is a portent that you will receive financial support from a source that you were not anticipating.

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