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About us

Launched in 2022, Islam Dreaming is a website built with the purpose of comunicate to the public the rich islamic tradition about dreams meanings, begining with the Noble Quran.

This website aims to offer answers about questions about dreams, which are based on evidence from islamic texts in an adequate and easy-to-understand manner.

We base most of our interpretations in famous muslim authors as Muhammad Ibn Sirin, Rahman bin Muhammed ibn Khaldun and others.

We believe that the dreams also reveal, communicate and dramatize our current worries and fears, as well as our aspirations and wishes. Dreams helps us to uncover something insightful about ourselves and people close to us.

If you are patient enough and keep reading throughout the pages in this website you will find the closest interpretation for your unique dream, and answers for your latent questions as well.

The focus of this website is to help Muslims around the world grow in faith and spirituality through the interpretation of the dream according to the muslim perspective.

We pray to Allah to protect us from deviation, error and shortcomings, and to make this work sincerely for His sake and seeking His pleasure.

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