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Seeing a coffin in dreams : Islamic Meanings

As per Ibn Seerin, if a coffin appears in a dream, it represents knowledge, tranquillity, and respect. A coffin in a dream can also represent worry and stress or a moving vehicle.

In a dream, a coffin symbolises enormous wealth. May Allah blesses you with an infinite amount of prosperity and innumerable wonderful surprises.

Seeing oneself travelling on top a coffin in a dream means that his name will be included in a will or that he will be engaged in a conflict over a bequest that will end in his advantage.

Even if others are charmed by his magnetism, a physician seen in a dream selling coffins or folded shrouds should be suspicious in real life.

Seeing a dead person inside a coffin in a dream in Islam

If you dream that you see a deceased corpse or someone preserved and imprisoned in a coffin, this is symbolic of receiving money that is not yours.

If the coffin or casket in the dream was empty, it reveals a place of evil or a wicked person who is being sought after by people who work in the same field.

May Allah gives you the fortitude to fight for what you believe in.

See himself inside a coffin in a dream in Islam

If a person sees himself in a coffin in a dream, even if no one is transporting it, this portends imprisonment.

Hiding inside a coffin in dreams in Islam

In a dream, seeing oneself hiding inside a coffin represents fear of one’s opponent and an incapacity to confront him, but it could also symbolise salvation or escape from imminent dangers.

May Allah, the most Generous, keep you safe by His grace and bounty.

Seeing many coffins in a dream in islam

If one sees a large number of coffins scattered about a particular location in a dream, it represents that the inhabitants of that area will engage in acts of violence, infidelity, and evil.

Carrying a coffin in a dream in Islam

In a dream, carrying a coffin represents illegal money.

In a dream, carrying a coffin or merchandise on one’s back symbolises unpaid obligations that will reemerge in an embarrassing way.

If a person’s coffin is carried by a group of people, it means that he will back and serve a man in power and will be rewarded financially for his efforts.

Sitting on a coffin in a dream in Islam

Sitting on top of a coffin in a dream represents a rise in wealth.

Seeing oneself elevated and put in a coffin in a dream indicates that he will be assigned to a position of authority.

If a merchant, ruler, or leader dreams of sitting atop a coffin that moves on its own, it foretells of a maritime journey.

Seeing a flying coffin in dreams as per Islam

A coffin flying in a dream represents a great man of wisdom dying in that town without anyone knowing, or a well-known individual dying in a distant country or while going to or from a pilgrimage.

If the deceased in the coffin gestures at the dreamer, it means that the dreamer will officiate at the deceased’s funeral and will be rewarded for his dedication. In a dream, he will receive double that recompense, the worth of which is known only to God Most High, if he attends the memorial until the funeral and closure of the tomb.

Things in a dream that means coffin in real life

Acording to Ibn Seerin, in the world of dreams, a bed represents happiness, pleasure, and respect. Additionally, it may signify a wife, a ship, or a coffin. If a person dreams that her bed falls apart or breaks into pieces, it means that she will lose her power, get fired from her job, split up with her partner, or even die.

If he sees the other person driving him to the verge of his grave in a dream, it means that he will lead him to his death, but his name will be praised after he dies. If he thinks that another person places him in a coffin, he will move to a new home. If the other person in the dream fills the coffin with dirt on top of him, it means that he will get as much money as the amount of dirt he is buried under.

In a dream, a cot can also stand in for a coffin.

In a dream, putting a key into a door suggests placing a dead person inside his coffin or grave. You may want to read Grave : Islamic Dream Meanings.

In a dream, a ship that is moving can also be a different kind of car, a coffin, or a funeral.

In a dream, a bed, specially a lightweight one, can also stand in for a coffin.

Dream meaning of coffin in western culture

There are many meanings for a coffin dream among western media, particularly, among people dedicated to dream intepretations. For some of them, the coffin represents quarrels, conflicts, and the loss of individuals. People who will not perish but will depart your life due to miscommunication or simply because they have finished their turn as companions. On the other hand, one of life’s most terrifying circumstances, finding ourselves living inside a coffin, indicates that we have a long life ahead of us.

In dreams, the coffin also represents our interior world, behaviours that must be interred in order to live according to our ideals and values. A coffin in your dreams is not always a negative portent, but if you have had such a burial dream, you should keep a watch on your relationship life.

As per these group of dream interpreters, dream of seeing an empty coffin represents a moment of loss; you are searching for something, certainly some solace, and you assumed you would find it in that empty coffin. It will be necessary to gaze elsewhere, either at another individual or within yourself. Surely, you must consider your life and your supports in order to discover your answer.

Likewise, dreaming of a sealed coffin is a common occurrence during crucial times of doubt and uncertainty. Surely in your dream you will ponder what is inside that coffin, if there is a known person, if you know it belongs to someone but dare not open it.

If you see yourself inside the coffin during your dream, it indicates you will live a lengthy life. Although it can also be linked to emotional issues or a major couple dilemma. That is why you must keep your eyes wide open, because in your relationship life, you often opt to disregard rather than fix.

A white coffin in a dream represents a significant life shift in your journey. This dream is typically very positive because it foretells of a prosperous economic and spiritual period that is about to commence; you just need to wait a little longer.

When you dream of a dark or black coffin that reveals that you are bound to experience negative feelings. It is a tonality linked with negative vital times full of issues or concerns in dreams. Your experience, on the other hand, can be read positively.

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