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Dead person calling you in a dream : Islamic meaning

~April 2, 2023~

If you dream that a deceased individual is calling you, it means that there are problems or issues from your past that have not been addressed. You are aware that something must be done in one aspect of you life.

Being called by a dead person you knew (for example, a deceased grandparent) in dreams, it means you were thinking about this person in real life, or someone or something has bring up some emotional recollections of that departed loved one.

Being called by name from a short distance in a dream indicates that the dreamer will interact with individuals from lower social classes. If one hears his name called from the horizon or the farthest end of a ravine in a dream, it means that he will achieve an honourable standing and title. If a person’s name is called from afar in a dream, it means he disobeyed God’s orders and is enduring the repercussions of being separated from his Lord.

As per Ibn Seerin, calling the name of Allah Almighty is indicative of positive tidings in a dream. Basmalah also symbolises achievement, education, guidance, and prosperity in a dream.

In a dream, if a person goes into a cemetery and starts calling people to worship, it is a portent that this person will teach others moral lessons, give orders about what is good, and prohibit things that are bad.

If in a dream a person hears a human voice calling him from behind a cloud, it indicates that, God willing, he will go on a pilgrimage.

If one sees himself in a dream calling people to Allah, the most Merciful and Gracious, it signifies that he will be spared from hell-fire.

Crying at seeing a dead person who was calling you in a dream in Islam

It is possible that different interpretations apply to dreams in which you sob over the passing of a loved one. If the person who died in the dream was someone who had actually passed away in real life, it is very likely that you give a lot of thought to them and grieve for them.

Read the full content in crying at seeing someone’s death in dreams in Islam.

Hugging the dead person who was calling you in a dream in Islam

Dreaming of hugging a dead loved one portends good news. If you have ever envisioned being held in the arms of a deceased person, this can be interpreted as a feeling of comfort in knowing that the deceased person is providing for us from wherever they are, which is the source of our good emotions.

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Deceased person was happy in a dream in Islam

If you see your deceased person was smiling and clothed elegantly in your dream, it means that his joy will be handed down to his heirs.

Because the Hereafter is the domain of truth, a visionary who sees a dead person beaming is in good status with Allah, according to Ibn Raasheed Al Bakri.(s.w.t.).

Kissing dead person in dreams in Islam

In Islam, it is forbidden to greet a deceased individual in a dream.

If a person envisions of caressing a known deceased individual, he will receive an unexpected gift.

If he dreams that a deceased individual caressed him, he will receive a gift from that individual’s heirs.

Hugging dead person who was calling you

Praying for the dead person in dreams in Islam

Praying for the departed involves making numerous petitions for the deceased, pleading for their absolution, and interceding for wrongdoers with influential people (Ibn Raashid Al Bakri).

Seeing a dead person sad in dreams in Islam

If the dreamer notices his deceased person was frowning or looking away from him, one of you should urge him to apologise in the dream. This dream serves as a warning of the dreamer’s low position in the eyes of Allah.

Most illnesses are caused by something that has not gotten sufficient attention, such as adequate medical treatment. It manifests itself by displaying indications that something is not functioning correctly.

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