Seeing someone praying namaz in dreams : Islamic meaning

Last Update : May 15, 2023

Seeing someone praying namaz in a dream signifies that you are becoming convinced that the people around you are not fulfilling their religious responsibilities correctly.
You see that they are not behaving according to the teaching of the Islam.

If one sees someone gathering to pray the congregational Friday prayers at the grand mosque while he is still in his house, and if he hears the call and segments of their prayers, it means loss of his status in that town.

May Allah bless you and your family with all the happiness in the world and hereafter

Someone praying for you in a dream in Islam

It has been claimed that having a dream in which the dreamer sees a large number of people praying for his own recovery is a portent of happiness and fortune, and it has also been suggested that it is a portent of performing Hajj.

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Someone praying inside a mosque in dreams in Islam

If you have a dream about an unknown individual worshipping at a mosque, it denotes that the Imam of that mosque is afflicted with a fatal sickness and will die soon.

If a person dreams of going into a masjid or mosque and finding the doors closed, but someone unlocks them for him, it denotes that he will assist someone in repaying a loan and then boast about how terrific he is.

Riding an animal into a mosque in a dream represents the dreamer severing links with his family, abandoning them and warning them not to follow him.

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Woman praying in dreams in Islam

If a woman witnesses herself leading males in prayer in her dream, it portends that she will expire shortly.

Seeing yourself praying in a dream

If you dream that you say one of the five required prayers on time and correctly stand, kneel, and prostrate in the direction of the Ka’aba and say one of the five required prayers on time, it means that you will fulfil a religious duty or make the yearly pilgrimage to Mecca.

If you dream that God gives you prayers to say, it means that you will keep a promise, help a jobless person find work, or make up with a friend or acquaintance you have not talked to in a long time.

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Praying for a sick person in dreams in Islam

It is a sign of bad luck and doubt in one’s religious beliefs if a sick person appears in a dream and the dreamer prays for them. A dream in which two prayers are spoken simultaneously or shortened suggests that the dreamer will be experiencing travel or temptation.

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Praying is performed in a congregation in dreams

If this prayer is said aloud in a dream, it symbolises rain, prosperity, children for a barren person, a prosperous crop, or the purchase of a new property.

If the rows are straight in the dream during a collective prayer, it implies that such individuals are always celebrating God’s praise.

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Hearing the call to prayers in dreams as per Islam

A pilgrimage season dream, also known as the sacred months, is represented by a dream in which the individual hears the call to prayer.

If you dream that you hear the call to prayer, it might also be a representation of invocations, supplications, or even joyful appeals.

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Leading the prayers in a dream in Islam

If you perform the routines in a dream, it signifies that you will make a promise or temporarily borrow money.

If he is unable to do this, he will face difficulties, but people will remember his generosity and good deeds.

If you are the one leading others in prayer in your dream, it indicates that you will travel or visit Mecca.

If a man believes he is conducting a group of people in prayer when he is not qualified to do so, he will be promoted to a higher position or given a better job.

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Praying during a funeral in a dream in Islam

If the dreamer is in good health and weeps or prays for the deceased during the funeral procession, it represents his desire to atone for his sins, join spiritual study communities, and serve the people of knowledge. A person in this position may also achieve a privileged spiritual station and benefit from what he hears and observes.

Performing funeral prayers means giving a job to someone who does not have one, making money from a partnership, not doing one’s normal required prayers well enough, or being careless or easily distracted during prayers if the person who died is unknown.

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Praying without a reason in dreams in Islam

In a dream, if a person sees himself seated and praying without an explanation, it signifies that he will perform an act that is not acceptable to his Lord.