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Praying in a mosque in dreams : Islamic meaning

If you dreamt that you were saying prayers in a masjid or mosque, it means that you are taking care of your religious duties, taking care of your family duties, or making up with a long-lost friend or cousin.

A mosque in a dream can also be a person you should follow, respect, and love, like a father, teacher, shaikh, or wise man. It also says that someone who wants to go to a mosque should not be treated unfairly if they want to do so.

If someone prays in a mosque in their dreams and then leaves to attend to other responsibilities, it is a good omen that whatever it is that they attend to will be blessed and successful.

Dreaming of an incorrectly placed prayer area in a mosque signifies straying from God’s path and making errors in your speech.

In a dream, reciting a special prayer of welcome at a mosque represents spending one’s money to help relatives and impoverished acquaintances.

If a woman dreams that she is praying at the mihrab of a mosque, it means that she will have a boy or a girl.

Entering a mosque to pray in dreams in Islam

In a dream, entering a masjid with a group and having them excavate a small grave for him there indicates that he will get married.

In a dream, if you must ascend staircases to reach the masjid, it signifies that you are cheap and unwilling to share.

If a person has a dream in which he enters a masjid and finds the doors closed, but someone opens them for him, it signifies that he will help someone repay a loan and then boast about it.

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Entering in the Holy Mosque in Mecca

Entering the sacred mosque in Mecca and praying atop the holy Ka’aba is a sign of tranquilly, leadership, and serenity. It is also a sign that a person will succeed wherever they go, regardless of their dubious behaviour. They may also attempt new things and depart from the Prophet’s traditions and teachings, peace be upon him.

Bowing during praying in a mosque in dream in Islam

Kneeling in supplication before the Almighty God in a dream is symbolic of submitting to His will, rejecting conceit, and incorporating God’s principles into one’s own life.

The act of bowing one’s knees while praying can also be interpreted as rapidly attaining one’s life goals and prevailing over an adversary.

If a person dreams that they are standing in prayer but do not bow until the required amount of time has passed, it is a sign that they have not given enough alms.

People in a masjid praying in the wrong direction in dreams in Islam

If you dream that people in a mosque are facing the wrong way, it means that their leader or judge will be taken from office, that you do not follow the rules of your religion, or that you understand religion based on your own mind and desires.

As per Ibn Sirin, prayers offered at God’s residence or a mosque in dreams are more beneficial than prayers offered elsewhere.

Non muslim praying in a masjid in dreams in Islam

If in your dream you see an unknown person praying at a masjid, it is a portent that the Imam of that masjid is suffering from an incurable disease and will soon pass away.

Someone praying in a mosque in dreams in Islam

If you have a dream in which you see an unknown person worshipping in a masjid, it is a portent that the Imam of that mosque is suffering from an incurable disease and will soon pass away.

In a dream, if a person sees himself going down a staircase that leads to a mosque, or a pond to take a ritual ablution before praying, it means that person will become a true believer, repent for his sins, and stop doing bad things.

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Praying in masjid al-haram in dreams in Islam

A Muslim’s dream of being at the Masjid Al-Haram, the holiest mosque in Mecca, and praying on the roof of the sacred Ka’aba signifies peace, serenity, and superiority over others.

It also indicates that the dreamer will be victorious no matter where he ventures, albeit with dubious conduct. He may also pursue innovation and depart from the traditions and teachings of the Prophet of God, may peace be upon him.

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Friday prayers in dreams in Islam

If one sees people gathered to pray the congregational Friday prayers at the Grand Mosque while he is in his home or shop, and if he hears the call and portions of their prayers, or if he suspects that people are leaving the mosque to return to their homes in a dream, it signifies a loss of status in that town.

Friday congregational prayers (jummah) in a dream means a poor journey or debt repayment. It also alludes to the expectation of favourable financial conditions or the reunion of a long-lost friend or loved one.

Friday congregational liturgies indicate enjoyment, pleasure, festivities, the pilgrimage season, and not borrowing money for one’s accessories or vices in a dream.

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Prayer area of mosque in dreams in Islam

If you dream that the prayer area of a mosque is in the incorrect location, you are straying from God’s path and making grammatical errors. A mihrab can also represent acceptable sustenance or a nice friend in a dream.

In a dream, the shelters used by the impoverished as a place to sleep in a mosque symbolise veracity, love, devotion, remembering God Almighty, standing during night prayers, and being distant.

The dreamer is an atheist, a leader, and a liar if the prayer area of a mosque is facing the incorrect way, stinks awful, or contains a deceased animal.

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