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Dream of praying in masjid al-haram : Islamic meaning

~May 15, 2023~

For a Muslim, to dream of being at the Masjid Al-Haram, the Holy mosque in Mecca, and praying on the roof of the holy Ka’aba symbolises peace, tranquilly, and preeminence over others.

It also signifies that the dreamer will be victorious wherever he goes, albeit with questionable behaviour. He may also follow innovation and depart from the traditions and teachings of God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace.

Praying within the sacrosanct Kaaba in a dream represents being guarded and protected by a powerful person, as well as being safe from one’s adversary. Entering the sacrosanct Ka’aba in a dream represents appearing before a monarch.

May Allah grant you your prayer, and if He does not, may He grant you something even greater.

In a dream, if a person sees himself praying eastward or westward beyond the point of God’s House in Mecca, it indicates that he is a contemptible person who is full of arrogance, who backbite and defame others, and who has the audacity to indulge in sin and disobedience to his Lord.

If someone sees himself calling to prayers from the top of the Sacred House of Ka’aba in a dream, he is an innovator.

Entering Masjid al-haram in dream in Islam

Dreaming that you have entered the Sacred Mosque in Mecca represents many different things, including the arrival of you and your wife at your new home, the realisation of a promise, the acceptance of the truth, the dissolution of your fears, and the safe arrival at your destination.

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Praying inside the Kaaba in dreams in Islam

As the focal point of all praying Muslims, the holy Kaaba represents one’s prayers in a dream. In a dream, God’s House, a mosque, a Muslim community centre, a teacher, a guide, Islam, the holy Qur’an, prophetic traditions, one’s son, a religious scholar, a shaikh, a master, a husband, one’s mother, and the heavenly paradise are all represented by the holy Kaaba.

In a dream, being unable to distinguish the direction of the Ka’aba implies a lack of trust. In contrast, if one dreams of oneself addressing the hallowed Ka’aba, it implies that he is on the right track.

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A devoted individual who prays in a dream at the Station of Abraham in Mecca’s Sacred Mosque is a pious person who observes divine laws and may be requested to lead a pilgrimage.

If a terrified person sees himself in a dream entering the Station of Abraham, it means that all of his fears will be removed and he will reach the safe haven.

Entering the station of God’s prophet Abraham, upon whom peace be, in a dream also represents earning honours, seeking wisdom, or inheriting from one’s father or mother. Standing or sitting at the Station of Abraham in a dream may also indicate following celestial precepts until one’s soul returns to its Lord.

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Praying with the prophet Muhammad in dreams in Islam

If God’s Prophet (uwbp) appears to someone in a dream or leads him in prayer, or if he sees himself walking with him, or if he gives him a promise or prays for him, then the dreamer is qualified to be a leader if he is a righteous and just man who commands what is good and forbids what is evil, and if he is learned and practises what he knows, and if he is a pious worshipper and a devout Muslim, he will then attain the station and company of the blessed ones.

If the dreamer prays behind the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, it means he can be trusted, believes in God’s oneness, follows His Messenger, and does what he says.

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Pilgrimage season and praying in a dream in Islam

If you dream that you are praying or giving a speech in the valley of Mina during the journey season, but neither you nor anyone in your family or clan is qualified, it means that someone with the same name as you will do so.

If someone does not finish their words or prayers in a dream, it means they will come but will not stay for long.

Entering a mosque to pray in dreams in Islam

In a dream, entering a masjid with a group of people and having them excavate a small trench for him within the masjid indicates that he will be wed.
In a dream, if one must ascent staircases to reach the masjid, the masjid represents a miserly person who refuses to share.

In a dream, if a person enters a masjid and discovers that its doors are closed, but someone opens the entrance for him, it denotes that he will help someone repay a debt and then be commended for his exceptional qualities

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Praying Salah wrong in dreams in Islam

If you finish your rituals in a dream without the usual greeting, it means you care more about making money than you do about preserving your investment cash.

If you pray in a dream and then wake up without saying your last blessing, it means you are more concerned with cashing in on your quick gains than guarding your long-term investment.

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