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Praying salah wrong in dreams : Islamic meaning

~May 15, 2023~

If in a dream you were praying salah wrong, it means your are becoming aware of not doing the right things in your relationships with God almighty, in your relationships with your family members or with your wife or partner.

It is necessary you start to follow properly the islam teachings.

In a dream, if one concludes his rituals without the customary salutation, it signifies that he is more concerned with collecting his profit than protecting his capital investment.

In other words, if a person concludes his prayers in a dream without the customary pleasantries, he is more concerned with collecting his immediate earnings than protecting his capital investment.

If a person has a dream in which they see themselves standing in prayer but they do not bow until the prescribed amount of time has passed, it is a sign that they have not given the appropriate amount of alms.

If a person reads out loud when he should be reading inwardly, or if he reads inwardly when he should be invoking outwardly, and he is asked to decide between two people, it means that his decision will be wrong, or that he may follow his own mind. It could also mean pretence, lying, hypocrisy, hiding the truth, or taking someone is money without reason.

If a person prays in a dream but does not wash properly, it means that his religious actions are pointless and that he does not care about his religion.

In a dream, if one sees himself conducting the funeral prayers and then intercedes excessively with special invocations on behalf of the deceased, it indicates that he will be appointed by a hypocritical monarch to manage a portion of his business.

May Allah bless you with His blessings and easy your problems and hardships.

Praying salah wrong direction in dreams Islam

If one sees himself praying in the incorrect direction in a dream, it indicates that he does the opposite of what is expected of him or acts against what God Most High has ordained.

If in a dream a person turns his back on God’s House, he is an apostate who opposes or is indifferent to God’s religion.

Praying changing the order of the prayers in dreams

If a person changes the order of ritual prayers in their dreams, it can mean a lot of different things, such as disobeying their parents or someone they are supposed to listen to and obey, forgetfulness or sleepless nights, a lack of intelligence or not being able to remember things, or forgetfulness or sleepless nights.

Missing the time to pray in a dream in Islam

If the dreamer discovers that he missed the time of the prescribed prayer and was unable to locate a place or time to perform it, it signifies that he will have trouble completing something, paying a debt, or achieving a worldly objective.

Praying without proper clothing in dreams

If one finds himself praying without properly covering his or her modesty as necessary in a dream, it implies that one is incorrect when fasting or giving charity from illegitimate gains, that one is following innovation, that one is falling slave to passions, or that one is right no matter how he prays.

Wearing a kufi or a headdress for prayers in a dream means atonement for one’s sins. Wearing a jubbah or a long cloak in a dream means longevity.

Praying drunk in dreams in Islam

If a person has a dream in which they are drunk and praying, it is a warning sign that they would lie under oath in a court case.

In a person’s dream, if they see a smile at any time while they are praying, it is a sign that they are likely to forget to pray in the right way and at the right time.

Getting distracted while praying in dreams in Islam

If a person dreams of a serpent or a cat that distracts him from his loyalty, it indicates that he should be cautious with his spouse or child.

Distractions during prayer reveal a person’s emotions, wants, or lack of attention. They reflect a person’s contempt for the benefits of the hereafter in favour of short-term gain.

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Performing Salat in dreams : Islamic Meaning

Performing Salat in dreams has different islamic meanings, most of them are quite positive, favourable and promising.

If you pray salah or salat in a dream, it means you kept a promise, met a goal, or got relief and comfort after being upset.

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Being able to complete the prayers in a dream in Islam

In a dream, finishing prayers in a dream means that the dreamer will be able to complete his personal projects in real life.

Entering a mosque to pray in dreams in Islam

In a dream, entering a masjid with a group of people and having them dig a little trench for him within the masjid represents his impending marriage.
If one must walk steps to access the masjid in a dream, the masjid represents a miserly individual who is hesitant to share.

If a person reaches a masjid in a dream and finds its doors closed, but someone unlocks them for him, it means that he will help someone return a debt and later be honoured for his excellent characteristics. Riding an animal into a mosque in a dream signifies the dreamer cutting links with his relatives, abandoning them, and barring them from following him.

If you are interested in this dream check entering a mosque in dreams-according to the islamic tradition.

In a dream, praying inside the hallowed Kaaba signifies you are being watched and protected by a strong person and are secure from your adversary. Going inside the hallowed Ka’aba in a dream symbolises going before a monarch or queen.

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Finishing the prayers in dreams

In a dream, if a person concludes his prayers by extending his pleasantries from the left to the right, it signifies that he pursues the path of evil and innovation.

In a dream, if a person completes his petitions with the traditional greetings to the right and then to the left, it signifies that his fears and concerns will vanish and he will follow the path of love and unity.

If someone only greets the right in their dream, it indicates that they will only attempt to address a portion of their religious concerns.

Calling for prayers in a dream in Islam

In a dream, calling to prayer may signify backbiting, thievery, proclaiming a great deed, or sounding the battle trumpets; status and honour; obeying the dreamer’s commands; announcing a wife for a single man; or telling the truth.

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Seeing someone else praying in dreams in Islam

Seeing someone praying namaz in your dream indicates that you are getting increasingly persuaded that the people around you are failing to complete their religious obligations appropriately.

You can tell that they are not acting in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Read more in seeing someone else praying in a dream.

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