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Friday congregational prayers in dreams : Islamic meaning

~May 15, 2023~

Friday congregational prayers (jummah) in a dream means a poor journey or debt repayment. It also alludes to the expectation of favourable financial conditions or the reunion of a long-lost friend or loved one.

Friday congregational liturgies indicate enjoyment, pleasure, festivities, the pilgrimage season, and not borrowing money for one’s accessories or vices in a dream.

If one observes people assembled for congregational Friday prayers at the Grand Mosque while in his house or store, hears the call and sections of their prayers, or guesses in a dream that people are leaving the mosque to return to their homes, it represents a loss of standing in the society.

Participating in Friday congregational prayers in a dream represents contentment and the ability to participate in one of the two joyful congregational prayers marking the conclusion of Ramadan or the pilgrimage season.

Joining the collective prayers in a dream means that the dreamer will be protected and honoured in that city.

Participating in Friday congregational liturgies in a dream may also foretell a pleasant travel with a cash reward.

If the rows are straight in the dream during a collective prayer, it implies that such individuals are always celebrating God’s praise.

May Allah, the most merciful, forgive us for that we did wrong. Please keep us on the right path away from Shaitan

Seeing yourself performing Jummah in dreams in Islam

If a person sees himself performing the Friday congregational prayers in a dream, it is a sign that he will achieve his goals.

If you say the Friday congregational prayers (Jumu’a) in your dream, you will be relieved, reunited with a loved one, or have a need satisfied quickly.

If one is saying Friday prayers alone in a dream, it suggests that he is the only one who has access to such aid.

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Performing Friday prayers alone in a dream in Islam

If one finds oneself doing the Friday congregational prayers in a dream, it implies that relief is on the way, or it may signal a reunion with a lover, or it could imply meeting a desire that one has asked to be met.

If one sees himself praying the Friday prayers alone in a dream, it means that such assistance is only available to him.

Woman giving sermon on Friday prayers

If she dreams that she is preaching at Friday prayers, it means that she will get a divorce or have a child through cheating.

However, there is another islamic interpretation: If a woman dreams of preaching and instructing people what to do, she will get greater authority or marry a strong, decent man.

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According to Ibn Seerin, seeing a staircase with five steps in a dream represents the five time prayers, or the pulpit where the Imam stands to deliver his Friday sermon.

That is why some interpreters qualify the staircase in one’s dream as glad tidings, good news, prayers, charity, alms giving, fasting, or a pilgrimage.

Ibn Seerin

Performing ablution (wudu) before Friday prayers in a dream

If you have a dream in which you do a ceremonial bath prior to the Friday communal prayers, it suggests that you are cleaning yourself, washing away your sins, repenting for your sins, serving your parents, or being faithful to your friends.

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Leading prayers in dreams : Islamic Meaning

If one leads the prayers in his dream, it means that he will guarantee something to someone, or it could means that he will borrow money for a term. If this is not feasible, he will have to cope with issues, but he will be remembered for his generosity and good deeds.

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Leading prayers in dreams as per Islam

If you dream that you are leading the prayers, it means that you will promise someone something or that you will borrow money for a while. If this is not possible, he will have to deal with problems, but people will remember his kindness and giving.

If someone dreams that he leads his people in prayer while they are sitting down, it means that he will not fall short of his responsibilities to his people, but they are falling short of their responsibilities to him.

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Entering a mosque to pray in dreams in Islam

Entering a masjid with a group of people and having them build a little trench for him within the masjid in a dream suggests that he will get married.
If one must climb steps to access the masjid in a dream, the masjid depicts a miserly individual who refuses to share.

If a person enters a masjid in a dream and learns that its doors are closed, but someone unlocks the entry for him, it means that he will assist someone return a debt and subsequently be praised for his excellent abilities.

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Seeing someone praying namaz in dreams : Islamic meaning

Seeing someone praying namaz in a dream signifies that you are becoming convinced that the people around you are not fulfilling their religious responsibilities correctly. You see that they are not behaving according to the teaching of the Islam.

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Bowing during praying in a dream in Islam

In a dream, seeing oneself kneeling in prayer before the Almighty God is a metaphor for yielding to His will, rejecting pride, and establishing God’s principles in one’s own life.

If a person has a dream in which they are standing in prayer but do not bow until the requisite length of time has passed, it is a sign that they have not given the proper amount of alms.

A jobless individual may have a dream in which they are bending in prayer, which signifies their acquiring a job.

Festival prayers in dreams in Islam

If you dream that you are leading the festival prayers (‘Eid) at the end of the month of Ramadan, it means you will be successful. If it is the festival of sacrifice, it means you will pay off your debts, feel less stressed, grow personally or professionally, or get out of jail.

Holy Quran about Friday prayers

O you who have believed, when [the adhan] is called for the prayer on the day of Jumu’ah [Friday], then proceed to the remembrance of Allah and leave trade. That is better for you, if you only knew.

Surah 62: 9 Al-Jamu’a

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