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Hearing Azan (call for prayer) in dreams : Islamic meaning

~May 15, 2023~

A dream in which you hear the call to prayer represents invocations, supplications, or cheerful petitions.

A dream in which one hears the call to prayer signifies the pilgrimage season, also known as the sacred months.

In a dream, if one witnesses the Holy prophet (s.w.t.) calling people to prayer, it signifies that prosperity will expand in that area. If one witnesses him in a dream instituting the prayers (known as the Iqamah), it is a sign that Muslims will put an end to their disagreements and unite.

In a dream, seeing oneself praying to God Almighty or hearing someone else pray on his behalf is indicative of delight and wealth.

Hearing the call to prayer (azan) in another language in dreams

A dream in which one hears the call to prayer being given in a language other than Arabic is symbolic of dishonesty and backstabbing.

Hearing the call to prayer in a well in a dream

Backbiting, thievery, proclaiming a heroic act or sounding the war trumpets, rank and honour, obeying the dreamer’s commands, announcing a wife for a single guy, or telling the truth are all possibilities.

If he shouts out with a lovely voice in his dream and people reply, he is seeking the approval of those in positions of authority. If a person is seen praying naked, it indicates his disrespect and contempt for his religion.

Hearing the call to prayer inside a marketplace indicates that one of the merchants has died.

Calling prayer (azan) in dreams in Islam

In a dream, a call to prayer can symbolise gossiping, theft, proclaiming a heroic deed, sounding the war trumpets, status and honour, following the dreamer’s instructions, announcing a spouse for a single man, or being honest.

In his dream, the dreamer may use a beautiful voice to cry out, and if anyone responds, it indicates that he is pursuing the favour of those in positions of authority. A person who prays without clothing, especially on a regular basis, is irreverent and contemptuous towards their faith.

Read full content for this dream in calling for prayer in the islamic tradition.

Seeing the muezzin in a dream in Islam

If you see a muezzin in your dream saying the entire call to prayer, it might signal that it is time to travel. In a dream, the summons to prayer might also represent a warning of a break-in or a fire.

Praying in Masjid Al-Haram in dreams in Islam

Dreaming about being at the Masjid Al-Haram, Mecca’s sacred mosque, and praying on the roof of the holy Ka’aba represents calm, tranquillity, and superiority over others for a Muslim.

It also implies that the dreamer will triumph everywhere he goes, although with dubious behaviours. He may also adopt new ideas and deviate from the traditions and teachings of God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace.

See more meanings in praying in masjid al-haram in a dream according to the Islam.

Hearing the call to prayer when the dreamer was in the house

If he prays in his dream while lying in bed, it means his wife is chatting and slandering the neighbours.

If one is invited to prayer in a dream while in the bath or shower, it indicates that he will have a fever.

If one sees someone gathering to pray the congregational Friday prayers at the grand mosque while he is still in his house, and if he hears the call and segments of their prayers, it means loss of his status in that town.

Woman giving azan in dreams in Islam

A woman dreaming of standing atop a tower and calling on people to pray foretells of upcoming shifts in fortune as well as difficulties. See woman praying in dreams.

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Seeing someone praying namaz in a dream in Islam

Seeing someone praying namaz in a dream signifies that you are becoming convinced that the people around you are not fulfilling their religious responsibilities correctly. You see that they are not behaving according to the teaching of the Islam.

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Funeral prayers in a dream according to Islam

In a dream, saying a farewell prayer for the dead means asking forgiveness on their behalf or going to see where they are buried. It could also mean telling someone with a dead heart off, saying goodbye to guests, or helping the poor.

In a dream, saying the funeral prayer is the same as begging for him to be saved and hoping for his rescue. If someone answers the call of a dead person in a dream, it means that he will soon be joining that person.

If you dream that a dead person says a funeral prayer over another dead person, it means that your deeds are not what they seem to be. Saying a prayer at a funeral is an act, and the dead can not do any more acts.

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