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Calling for prayer (Azan) in dreams : Islamic Meaning

~May 15, 2023~

In a dream, calling to prayer may signify backbiting, thievery, proclaiming a great deed, or sounding the battle trumpets; status and honour; obeying the dreamer’s commands; announcing a wife for a single man; or telling the truth.

If the dreamer shouts out in his dream with a lovely voice and people react, it indicates that he is wanting the approval of those who are in positions of power. It is a sign of irreverence and disrespect for one’s faith for a person to pray while naked, especially if they do so frequently.

If a person dreams that they are by themselves and performing the call to prayer (Azan) and then setting it up (Iqamah), it is a sign that they will make an effort to improve their life and get rid of the negative things that have been holding them back.

If in a dream a person sees himself alone making the call to prayer (Azan) and then instituting it (Iqamah), it signifies that he will endeavour to do good and eliminate evil from his life.

May Allah protect and guide us, May He forgive us for what we do and don’t do and may He open our eyes and grant us hidayah.

Calling for prayer from the Ka’aba in a dream in Islam

It is a sign that you have the qualities of a leader if you have a dream in which you are leading others in prayer from the top of the Sacred House of Kaaba.

What does it mean when you dream about calling the adhan?

If a muezzin completes the call to prayer in your dream, it may indicate that you need to move. In a dream, the summons to prayer could be a signal of an intrusion or a conflagration.

If a woman has a dream in which she is praying atop a structure, there will be new concepts and a significant test in that area.

If a child in a dream instructs others to pray from the summit of a tower at the wrong moment, it signifies that inept individuals will advance to power and lead his community.

Remember, in a dream the muezzin is a representation of the judge or gnostic from that region or nation who leads others along the correct road and whose call the believer heeds.

You call for prayers but nobody answers in a dream in Islam

If you see yourself calling to prayer in a dream but no one comes to pray, it is a sign that you are becoming involved with unjust people.

Woman calling for prayer in a dream according to Islam

A woman dreaming of standing atop a tower and calling on people to pray foretells of upcoming shifts in fortune as well as difficulties.

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Calling to prayer at the top of a minaret in dreams

If you have a dream in which you are climbing a wooden tower and calling people to prayer, it is symbolic of the fact that you will be able to advance in your career by lying. If you have a dream in which you are worshipping the grandeur and oneness of God while sitting alone atop a tower, this portends that you will achieve fame. On the other side, praising God aloud in a loud manner indicates that God will take away your problems and your unhappiness.

Calling for prayers from a house in dreams in Islam

Al Bakri believes that if the thinker invites people to prayer from the top of the house, his people will perish.

He will betray his neighbour with his wife if he thinks of summoning people to prayer from his neighbor’s roof.

A person will get sick with a fever if they have a dream in which they are urged to pray while they are in the bathtub or the shower.

If he prays in his dream while lying in bed, it means his wife is chatting and slandering the neighbours.

Calling to prayer from the streets in Islam

If the dreamer is a good person, then if he is the one who leads the call to prayer on the street, he will exhort what is good and forbid what is bad.

In a dream, summoning to prayer while standing on a heap of garbage signifies unsuccessfully attempting to make peace with a dumb person.

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Hearing the call to prayers in a dream as per Islam

Hearing the call to prayer inside a marketplace indicates that one of the merchants has died.

If someone dreams that he is giving the call to prayer from the top of a wall, he will call a man to reconciliation.

If an eligible person sees himself invited to pray in a dream, he will be given an area the size of the voice he heard in the dream.If he has a business, it is very probable that it will grow.

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Leading the prayers in a dream according to the Islam

In a dream, if one conducts the rituals, it signifies that he will guarantee something to someone, or that he will borrow money for a term. If this is not possible, he will have to deal with problems, but his generosity and good actions will be remembered.

If a person dreams that he leads his people in prayer while they are seated, it indicates that he will not fall short of his responsibilities to his people, while they are falling short of their responsibilities to him.

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Praying in Masjid Al-Haram in dreams

For a Muslim, thinking of being at the Masjid Al-Haram, Mecca’s sacred mosque, and praying on the top of the holy Ka’aba is a sign of serenity, tranquilly, and superiority over others.

It also implies that the thinker will be successful no matter where he goes, even if he behaves strangely. He might also experiment with new things and deviate from what God’s Messenger, peace be upon him, taught.

In a dream, praying inside the Kaaba signifies you are being watched and protected by a strong person and are secure from your adversary.

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