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Seeing non muslim praying in dreams : Islamic meaning

~May 15, 2023~

Seeing a non-Muslim person praying in a dream suggests that your pious behaviour and Islamic beliefs will lead tasks or obstacles that looked tough or unattainable at first to become manageable or feasible.

Having a dream in which you see a non-Muslim praying, and this person is known to you as someone who does not practise Islam. That implies that you have concluded that the individuals in your life are capable of positive transformation.

May Allah provide you and your family all happiness in this world and the next.

According to Ibn Seerin, encountering a non-Muslim in a dream indicates that you will meet an adversary. Seeing an irreligious individual in your dream also indicates that you will face an adversary.

Seeing an elderly person who is not religious in a dream signifies running into an old enemy whose hatred is written all over his face.

If you see an atheist cleaner or an elderly worker in your dream, it signifies you will have to cope with the hidden horrors of an open opponent.

In a dream, becoming non muslim or irreligious involves accepting new ideas or whatever a person considers and accepts as his beliefs.

In a dream, seeing a non-religious person seated at a table with a dish of honey in front of him and refusing to eat from it indicates that he is not appreciative to his Lord and does not recognise all the beautiful things God Almighty has done for him in this life.

A gathering of nonreligious individuals represents one’s young children in a dream.

A person who does not believe in God is like a farmer who plants a seed and then covers it with earth when it begins to develop in a dream.

If he sees people gathered at the major mosque for Friday prayers while he is still at home, or if he hears the call to prayer and portions of their prayers, he will lose his position in that community.

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Someone unknown praying inside a mosque in dreams in Islam

If you dream of an obscure or unknwon individual praying at a mosque, the Imam of that mosque is suffering from a fatal illness and will soon pass away.

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Someone praying for you in a dream in Islam

It has been claimed that having a dream in which the dreamer sees a large number of people praying for their own recovery is a portent of happiness and fortune, and it has also been suggested that it is a portent of performing Hajj.

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Seeing yourself praying in a dream

If you dream that you say one of the five required prayers on time and correctly stand, kneel, and prostrate in the direction of the Ka’aba and say one of the five required prayers on time, it means that you will do a religious task or make the yearly journey to Mecca.

If you dream that God gives you prayers to say, it means that you will keep a promise, help a poor person find work, or make up with a friend or acquaintance you have not talked to in a long time.

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Performing late night prayers in dreams

In a dream, doing late night prayers (Tarawih) represents toil, tiredness, debt payback, and obtaining wisdom. In a dream, doing a particular rain prayer (arb. Istisqa) signifies anxieties, languidity, rising prices, market dullness, problems, unhappiness, attachment, and stagnation of the construction company.

Hearing the call to prayers in dreams as per Islam

The call to prayer is heard in a dream depicting the pilgrimage season, also known as the holy months.

The call to prayer might represent invocations, petitions, or even joyful pleas if you dream about hearing it.

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Praying without proper clothing in dreams

If one finds himself praying without properly covering his or her modesty as necessary in a dream, it implies that one is incorrect when fasting or giving charity from illegitimate gains, that one is following innovation, that one is falling slave to passions, or that one is right no matter how he prays.

Praying without a reason in dreams in Islam

In a dream, if a person sees himself seated and praying without an explanation, it signifies that he will perform an act that is not acceptable to his Lord.

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  1. Seeing my Christian grandfather being alive and offering namaz and then me talking to him and reminding him how beautiful it was when you and my grandmother (which died long before my grandad and was Christian too) prayed namaz together. And i never saw them praying when alive and they were both Christian.

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