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Someone praying for me in dreams : Islamic meaning

It has been claimed that having a dream in which the dreamer sees a large number of people praying for their own recovery is a portent of happiness and fortune, and it has also been suggested that it is a portent of performing Hajj.

Seeing people praying for you in dream means that your feel that there are people that are sending you positive thoughts and emotions.

This dream is quite common when you are dissatisfied or afraid about anything in your actual life. You are probably dreaming of praying if you have any unfulfilled ambitions in your life.

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Unknown person praying for me in dreams in Islam

If you dream of an unknown person praying for your in a dream, it reveals you have been meeting your duties properly as a pious muslim lately.

However, there is another interpretation for this dream.

Dreaming of seeing an unknown individual praying for your means you need to remember follow the instructions and teachings of the Holy Quran in your daily life.

Praying for the good return of someone abroad in dreams in Islam

In a dream, performing a particular prayer for the safe return of a traveller (Gha’ib) indicates requesting ideal weather conditions for one’s own or other people’s needs.

Praying for a sick person in dreams in Islam

If a sick person comes in a dream and the dreamer prays for them, it is a sign of poor luck and mistrust in one’s religious beliefs. A dream in which two prayers are said simultaneously or are reduced foretells of travel or temptation for the dreamer.

Praying for dead people in dreams according to Islam

If one sees himself sitting in a gathering of people praying for departed souls in a dream, it means that he will pray in a funeral.

Praying for deceased people in funeral in dreams in Islam

Saying a funeral prayer for the dead in a dream means asking for forgiveness on their behalf or visiting their graves. It could also mean reprimanding someone with a dead heart, saying goodbye to visitors, or helping the homeless.

In a dream, if one sees himself conducting the funeral prayers and then intercedes excessively with special invocations on behalf of the deceased, it indicates that he will be appointed by a hypocritical monarch to manage a portion of his business.

Someone praying inside a mosque in dreams in Islam

If you see someone praying in a mosque in a dream, it indicates that the mosque’s imam is suffering from a fatal illness.

Read the rest of the content for this dream in praying inside a mosque in a dream according to the muslim tradition.

Seeing yourself praying in a dream in Islam

If you find yourself in a dream performing one of the five obligatory prayers while standing, kneeling, or prostrating in the direction of the Ka’aba, it is a sign that you will satisfy a religious requirement or travel to Mecca for the yearly pilgrimage.

If you see yourself completing your obligatory prayers (Fardh) in a dream, it is a sign that you will advance in your career, make spiritual progress, assume leadership positions, manage others, send messages, perform your duties, pay your dues, forfeit a trust, or complete one of the numerous other tasks you must complete in order to find inner peace.

if you are interested in this dream, read seeing yourself praying in dreams.

Missing to perform a prayer in a dream in Islam

In a dream, if a person deliberately avoids doing an obligatory prayer or makes plans to do so at a later time, it is a sign that the person views his religious obligations as unimportant and intends to adjust his perspective at a later time.

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