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Woman praying in dreams : Islamic meaning

If a woman dreams that she is kneeling before the Almighty God in prayer, it is a portent that she will maintain her virginity in order to atone for her past transgressions and bring honour to her name.

If a woman dreams that she is guiding men in prayer, it is a portent that she will die soon.

If a woman desires to preach and instruct others, she will gain more authority or marry a strong, honourable man.

If a woman has a dream in which she is delivering a sermon at Friday liturgies, it portends that she will divorce or have a child through infidelity.

If a woman has a dream in which she is praying at the mihrab of a mosque, she will give birth to a boy or a girl.

If a woman has a dream in which she performs the obligatory (Fardh) prayers with only two groups of prostrations, she will experience her period on that day.

Woman calling to prayer in a dream in Islam

If a woman dreams of leading men in prayer, she will succumb, as she only leads men in prayer on her demise.

Seeing a woman standing atop a minaret while being summoned to prayer in a dream signifies innovation and difficulties. If minors summon to prayer in a dream, the region will be ruled by the uneducated. This is especially true if the contact is made outside of the allowed window.

If an eligible person witnesses himself being summoned to prayer in a dream, he will be given a territory proportional to the volume of his voice in the dream.If he is a merchant, this bodes well for the expansion of his business.

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Calling to prayer from the house in dreams in Islam

For Al Bakri, if the dreamer is giving the call to prayer from the top of the house, his people will die.

If someone dreams that he is calling people to prayer from his neighbor’s roof, he will betray his neighbour with his wife.

If you dream of being asked to pray while you are in the bath or shower, it means you will get sick.

Praying beads in dreams in Islam

If you had a dream about prayer beads, it meant that you were about to meet a holy and devout woman, that you would find a lawful and blessed means to make a livelihood, or that you would be surrounded by devoted soldiers.

Seeing praying mat in dreams in Islam

If you have a dream in which you see a prayer mat, it may be a sign that you are a devout lady or that you have a religious obligation or appointment.

Bowing during praying in a dream in Islam

The act of bending one’s knees while praying can also be viewed as fast achieving one’s life objectives and triumphing over an opponent.

In a dream, seeing oneself kneeling in prayer before the Almighty God is a metaphor for yielding to His will, rejecting pride, and establishing God’s principles in one’s own life.

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