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Performing Salat in dreams : Islamic Meaning

Performing Salat in dreams has different islamic meanings, most of them are quite positive, favourable and promising.

If you pray salah or salat in a dream, it means you kept a promise, met a goal, or got relief and comfort after being upset.

If you dream that you are praying to God Almighty or that you hear someone else praying for you in dreams, this is a sign of happiness and wealth.

God answering your prayers in a dream also means that you should keep a promise, help someone who does not have a job find one, or make up with a friend or neighbour you have not talked to in a while.

In a dream, prayers said at God’s house or in a mosque are better than prayers said anywhere else.

Seeing a group of people praying in a circle or doing Zikr and calling on higher powers in a dream means that there will be a gathering of children, growth, good things, or the end of pain.

Performing salat wrong in dreams in Islam

If you mistakenly recited the salah in a dream, it means that you are realising that you are not acting properly in your interactions with the All-Powerful God, your family, and your wife or spouse.

If a person completes their rituals in a dream without giving the proper greeting, they are more focused on making a profit than protecting their capital investment.

In other words, if someone ends their requests in a dream without exchanging niceties, they are more worried with getting their hands on their money now than they are with protecting their investment.

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Seeing someone praying salat in dreams in Islam

Seeing someone praying namaz in a dream signifies that you are becoming convinced that the people around you are not fulfilling their religious responsibilities correctly. You see that they are not behaving according to the teaching of the Islam.

If you are interested check seeing someone praying salat in dreams according to the muslim tradition.

Someone praying salah for you in a dream in Islam

It has been said that having a dream in which someone sees a huge number of people praying for his own recovery is a harbinger of pleasure and fortune, and it has also been stated that it is a portent of performing Hajj. Both of these interpretations are based on the idea that experiencing such a dream is a sign that the dreamer will eventually perform Hajj.

Praying salat in a congregation

If this prayer is spoken audibly in a dream, it signifies rain, prosperity, children for a childless person, a prosperous harvest, or the purchase of a new home.

If the aisles in a collective prayer are straight in a dream, it indicates that the individuals are constantly praising God.

Call to prayers in a dream in Islam

It may represent backbiting, theft, proclaiming a noble deed, or sounding the war trumpets, rank and honour, following the dreamer’s orders, announcing a wife for a single man, or revealing the truth.

If he calls out in his dream with a beautiful voice and people answer, it means that he wants to get the approval of people in power. If a person sees himself praying without clothes, it shows that he is disrespectful of his religion and does not care about it.

If someone dreams that they are alone and making the call to prayer (Azan) and then setting it up (Iqamah), it means that they will try to do good and get rid of bad things in their lives.

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Performing Zuhur (midday prayers) in dreams in islam

The noon prayers, known as Zuhur in Arabic, signal the uncovering of a secret, a revelation, or an announcement.

If you pray Zuhur in your dream, it means you have accomplished your goal, satisfied all of your requirements, and obtained what you asked for, whether it is material rewards in this world or spiritual advantages in the hereafter, especially if you finish your prayers in the dream.

Performing the sunset Maghrib prayers in dreams in Islam

Maghrib prayers in a dream indicate that a person has completed their duties and needs to relax. The night ‘Isha prayer in a dream indicates that you are hiding something or entering your secret abode. On a third level, the midday guhur prayers represent repentance, the lifting or removal of restrictions.

Praying the Isha (night prayer) in dreams in Islam

In Arabic, the evening prayer is called ‘Isha. If you see yourself doing the ‘Isha prayers in a dream, it means that you will finish your work and get what you want, or that you will reach the end of your life and go to sleep, which is the same thing as dying.

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