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Janaza in Dreams : Islamic Meanings

~June 11, 2023~

Seeing a funeral in a dream is a very meaningful experience, you should not take it lightly, to begin with, there are several muslim interpretations for a dream of funeral or burial. As per a famous islamic dream interpreter, if a person sees oneself enjoying and beaming while taking part in a funeral, it is a warning indication that dreamer may make a relationship with someone who has a terrible background.

For a muslim reciting Janaza, the funeral liturgy, in a dream represents interceding on his behalf and asking for his redemption.

If one sees himself performing funeral prayers in a dream (Janaza), and then after concluding his prayers, intercedes exaggeratedly with specific invocations on behalf of the deceased in a dream, it denotes that he will be picked to head a section of his firm by a hypocrite boss.

Joining the funeral prayers in a dream means fostering brotherhood with people on God’s path.

A group of people performing a funeral prayers and crying over the loss of the
deceased in a dream, it means that the conclusion of his life will be commendable.

A dream about Janaza can also be interpreted as a reminder to pray for the deceased and ask for the mercy and forgiveness of Allah. Islam encourages believers to pray for the rest of the deceased, and such dreams can serve as an opportunity to participate in charitable activities, recite Quranic verses, and offer prayers for the dead.

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Performing Janaza in dreams as per Islam

If one sees himself conducting funeral prayers in a dream, and then after finishing his prayers, intercedes exaggeratedly with special invocations on behalf of the dead in a dream, it means that he will be chosen to run a sector of his company by a hypocritical boss.

In a dream, conducting a funerary prayer for departed people could mean pleading for pardon on their behalf or visiting their cemeteries, admonishing someone with a lifeless heart, bidding farewell to travelers, or caring for the impoverished.

Seeing oneself on a washing table in a funeral home in a dream represents that one’s sins will be cleansed and obligations will be settled.

If you dream that you are strolling past a funeral march, it is considered as signifying a hypocrite who is responsible for the death of a bad person.

Seeing a dead person alive performing Janaza in a dream in Islam

If one witnesses a deceased person performing the funeral prayer over another deceased person in a dream, it indicates that one’s actions are deceptive, because conducting a funeral prayer is a deed, and dead people have no more deeds to give.

In a dream, if one witnesses a deceased person performing the funeral prayer over another deceased person, it signifies that one’s actions are fraudulent, because performing a funeral prayer is a deed, and dead people have no more deeds to offer.

If the deceased’s identity is unclear, conducting funeral prayers denotes providing a work to a jobless person, benefiting from a partnership, failing to properly perform one’s regular mandatory prayers, or being neglectful or easily sidetracked during prayers.

If a person reacts to the call of a dead person in a dream, it means that he will soon follow him.

Funeral Parade in dreams as per Islam

An unwell person’s appearance in a funeral procession in a dream portends his eventual demise. If he is not ailing and tears or prays for the dead during the funeral parade in his dream, he will repent of his misdeeds, join spiritual study organizations, and serve the people of wisdom. A person in this situation may also gain a lucky spiritual place and profit from what he sees and learns.

If a person finds oneself laughing and joking while going in a funeral parade, it is a hint that he will connect that individual with a sad past. Accept the actions of evildoers as the usual pattern.

Walking past a funeral parade in a dream is understood to represent a hypocrite who removes or kills a wicked person.

If he dreams that he saw a funeral procession flying in the air, a leader or scholar will die but his death will be concealed from the people and he may die away from home (Al Bakri).

If a funeral reachs the graveyard in a dream, it symbolizes that people will surly recover their rights.

If in the dream the dreamer sees the funeral till the burial and closure of the grave in a dream, he will win a gift whose worth is known only to God Almighty.

muslim interpretation of grave in a dream

Funeral of oneself in a dream in Islam

If a person dies in a dream but does not seem to have died, and there are no swings or funeral, he predicts that one of his possessions will be damaged, a room in his house will fall, a wall will collapse, or a pillar will fall. A dream like this could also mean a lack of conviction of faith or cruelty. He will live a long life.

If a person dies in a dream but does not appear to be dead, and there is no crying or funeral, it denotes that one of his assets will be destroyed, a room in his house will collapse, a wall will fall, or a building will dissolve. A dream like this could also symbolize a lack of confidence or cruelty. However, you will enjoy a long and rich existence.

If a lady witnesses her own funeral in a dream, she suggests she will marry. If you are married, indicate the settlement of your debts.

Funeral of the Holly Prophet in a dream

In a dream, seeing the burial of God’s Prophet (upon with be peace) foretells of disaster for that nation. Following his burial parade up to his grave (uwbp) in a dream indicates that the individual experiencing the dream will be open to new ideas.

Dream meaning of janaza, western interpretation

Having dreams associated to janaza warns us of the fragility of life and the inevitability of death. It can urge the thinker to contemplate about their own death, make the most of their time on earth and aim to focus on behaviors that will benefit them and others.

This sort of dreams may suggest an unresolved grief or a loss felt by the dreamer. It might be a reflection of the sentiments related with the death of a loved one or the events that brought anguish and sadness.

Seeing a janaza taking place in your dream can serve as an opportunity for the dreamer to embrace and face their emotions of loss and discover solutions to recover and go forward.

A janaza dream often involves portraying the end of one period of life and the beginning of another. This interpretation says that the dreamer is on a crucial spiritual trip or about to go on a new chapter of personal growth and knowledge.

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2 dreams on “Janaza in Dreams : Islamic Meanings”

  1. I saw in dream it was dark night but the night was glowing and I saw many janaza which covered by red and green carpets and I will standing there and asking for my muqfirat

  2. In my dream I saw a janaza being brought out from bab-as-salam of Masjid Nabawi in Medinat al Munawwra and it is accompanied by some scholarly looking people walking in front of it

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