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Stream in dreams : Islamic meaning

In a dream, a stream indicates the path of one’s livelihood, source of revenue, business, trade, trips, and other such activities.

Streams in a dream also represent the vessels and blood of the human body.

In a dream, a stream represents one’s livelihood, his shop, business, or work, or one’s good deeds that continue to benefit after death and until the Day of Judgement, such as a blessed progeny, a school or mosque he builds, a road he opens, a book of knowledge he leaves behind, or a charitable endowment.

A stream in a dream might also indicate festering sores, a waterskin, hydrating irrigation, a highway rest stop, a person’s pharynx, which is his body’s access to water, or life if it is on public land. If it is privately owned, the stream reflects the individual who excavates it.

A stream in a dream might also represent a pleasant existence or the dreamer’s contentment. In a dream, a river overflowing its banks represents grief, tears, or melancholy.

In a dream, seeing oneself as the owner of a stream, spring, or watercourse that he installs as a charity foretells of one’s future role as a leader, president, or community servant.

In a dream, halting the flow of a stream represents a divorce or the avoidance of an immoral deed between unmarried relatives.

Seeing oneself standing beside a creek in a dream suggests that one’s wife will inherit him.

If you dream of avalley with a dry stream, it means you’ll be going on a long trip or hiking, or it could be a sign of a difficult person.

If a person cleans a stream in a dream only to discover it unclean or clogged with rubbish, this denotes diarrhoea.

Water stream in the house in dreams in Islam

If a person sees a stream flowing towards his home or garden in a dream and learns that the water has turned to blood, it means that someone will marry his wife after he dies.

If a person notices a watercourse exclusively running towards his home, he will be destined to such suffering.

In a dream, seeing a stream running towards one’s home or garden foretells either marriage or childbirth.

In a dream, seeing a stream running past people’s homes represents a happy existence, especially if the stream’s water is clean and sweet-tasting.

If one sees a stream of water running through a town where people are filling their jars, drinking its water, and thanking God for His blessings in a dream, it means that a tragedy has passed and has been replaced with peace, safety, and tranquillity.

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Stream with murky waters in dreams

If the water in the stream is murky, salty, or flowing outside of its canal, it indicates an impending disaster that will cause widespread suffering, or a disease such as the common cold in the winter and fever in the summer, or it could mean that they will hear bad news about some travellers, or it could mean that he will receive tainted money.

In a dream, a rivulet or stream with murky water signifies dread, difficulty, or disease.

If the water in the stream is murky, salty, or running outside of its conduit, it indicates an oncoming calamity or a sickness such as cold and fever in the winter and summer.

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River in dreams in Islam

For a muslim dreamer, a river denotes voyages.

A river in a dream is also symbolic of a virtuous deed or steady income.

If an impoverished person dreams of a river streaming through his home, it portends that he will expel a member of his household due to an abominable and sinful act or adultery.

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Flood in dreams in Islam

In addition, the image of a flood might be symbolic of dishonesty, hypocrisy, speechlessness, or untruth when one dreams about it.

A flood in a dream can also represent stopping the route of extremism or isolating a potential threat.

In certain cultures, flooding is also a metaphor for liquid sustenance, such as honey, milk, or oil.

Seeing a stream running haphazardly or harming people’s crops in a dream portends bad news.

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Stream with blood in dreams

In a dream, a stream of blood rather than water represents a wife’s deviance.

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