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Falling in water in dreams : Islamic meaning

~July 8, 2023~

Falling into water in a dream might also signify pleasure, joy, or benefits.

In a dream, a rapid plunge into water represents prosperity and fortune.

Falling into a deep sea or river but not reaching the bottom denotes riches and success in a dream, since the globe resembles a deep ocean.

Being shoved into a pond or river of clean water in a dream represents a wonderful surprise.

Immersing one’s hand in water in a dream indicates that he will play with money and become confused.

Falling into murky waters in dreams in Islam

Falling into a well of murky water in a dream signifies the danger of succumbing to the tyranny of an oppressive ruler.

If the dremer falls into pure or clear water in his dream, it means he will gladly serve a virtuous guy for a little.

In a dream, falling into a well of murky water represents the possibility of becoming subject to the tyranny of an unjust ruler. If he falls into clear water in his dream, it signifies that he will willingly serve a virtuous man for a small wage. Falling into a well in a dream also signifies demotion or travels.

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Falling into a well in dreams in Islam

If a seer or dream interpreter dreams of plunging into a deep well, it signifies that he will be involved in the lives of administrators or members of high society who seek his advice to interpret their dreams.

Falling in blood in dreams in Islam

Falling into a pool of blood in a dream means that one will be accused of a murder or of stealing money.

If one sees himself falling into a cistern which is filled with blood in a dream, it means that someone is seeking revenge from him.

Drowning in dreams in Islam

In a dream, drowning in the sea and then moving away to the drift, trying to escape death, symbolizes the neglect of one’s spiritual obligations to pursue worldly things.

Having a dream in which you see someone drowning in the sea means to renew faith in Almighty God.

If a person drowns in a dream, it means that he can die as a martyr, despite many mistakes.

If in a dream a person comes out of the water alive, this means a positive change in life and the choice of the right path in religious life.

Seeing someone drowning in a river or lake in dreams, dragging someone or yelling immobile like a fish also means trials and tribulations.

If one is pushed into a pond or a river of clear water in a dream, it means receiving a pleasant surprise.

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Diving in dreams according to Islam

In a dream, if a person jumps into a river and struggles to get out of the water, it is a portent that the person will be forced to endure loads that are too heavy for them or must learn to have patience in the face of adversity.

A search for education or money might be symbolised by having a dream in which you are diving into the water to remove pearls from oysters.

A person who knows the inner workings of things is also represented by a pearl diver in a dream. This person may be a scholar, a gnostic, a seeker on the road, or an interpreter of the actual meanings of the early prophetic teachings.

Dreaming that you are a pearl diver is symbolic of royalty, a great person, or a guy in a position of authority.

Falling in water dream in western culture

As per some websites deditacted to dream interpretation from the West, if you dream of falling into water, it could mean that you are afraid of swimming or the ocean.

Feeling like you’re floating in water might be like feeling like you’re in limbo. You might not know where you stand on something social, professional, or personal.

If you have a dream in which you drown and are filled with terror, it indicates that you will face challenges in your professional life or the route that you have selected. But despite all that stands in your way, you’ll get there in the end and accomplish what you set out to do.

If you have a nightmare in which you drown and are shaken up by the experience, that suggests that you won’t be happy about it. As a result of certain misconceptions, you will get into an argument with your closest friends, which will finally lead to you parting ways with them.

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