House flooding in dreams : Islamic Meaning

Last Update : May 15, 2023

If a residence is inundated in a dream, it signifies past actions that will reap future rewards.

A dream in which your home is flooded with filthy or contaminated water indicates that there is a great deal of negativity in your home, such as family disputes or disagreements. Perhaps you believe that the environment in your home is noxious or hazardous.

In a number of instances, this dream signifies that the dreamer has been overcome by negative emotions such as despondency, grief, etc.

In a dream, seeing streams of water pouring from a fountain head and drowning one’s property, as well as drinking from such water, represents sadness, weeping, and grieving.

Depending on their severity, floods in a dream portend distress, pain, and corruption. In a dream, if the water level of a dam or a river rises and threatens the lives of people by flooding their homes and businesses, it signifies discord and tribulations, after which malevolent people will be eliminated from that location.

Water flooding over a house roof in a dream in Islam

If one sees water running over his own house’s roof in a dream, it indicates that someone in charge will cause immediate or long-term misery.

In a dream, a flooded toilet represents difficulty, pregnancy, or wealth. In a dream, falling into a toilet represents incarceration.

If one sees multiple springs pouring forth in a dream, this represents success via filthy deeds and corruption.

Collecting the water of a flood in a house in dreams in Islam

If one finds oneself collecting flood waters in jars and others look delighted about it in a dream, it indicates an abundance of food supplies and a decline or stabilisation of prices.

Preventing water from entering your house in a dream in Islam

In a dream, preventing the water from reaching or invading one’s home also represents reconciliation with one’s adversary.

Fighting a flood or attempting to keep water from invading one’s home in a dream signifies engaging in combat with one’s adversary in order to safeguard one’s family and belongings.

In a dream, a flood signifies an enemy assault, injury, devastation, disease, a difficult travel, or the inundation of a town.

A river in a dream may also signify deceit, hypocrisy, squandering one’s voice, or deception.

Raining in your house in a dream in Islam

If a person has a dream in which only rain falls on his house, it means he will be blessed in real life.

Otherwise, he will be rewarded if he dreams that it falls over the entire town. If it only rains on your house in your dream, it might mean that someone will fall ill or suffer greatly in that region.

River inside your house in a dream in Islam

A river flowing into one’s home signifies riches in a dream. If you see people drinking from it in your dream, it signifies his generosity and sharing of his money with those in need, or it might represent you passing on information to others.

If a poor person dreams of a river rushing through his house, it indicates that he will expel a member of his household due to heinous and bad behavior, such as adultery.

Swimming inside your house in a dream in Islam

A dream in which one finds oneself swimming in his own house foretells of a harsh, wicked, and unfair boss who will trap him in a commercial deal. As a result, God Almighty would aid him in escape his predicament.

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Dreaming of destroyed house in dream in Islam

If your home is devastated in a dream, it indicates that there is conflict in the family.

If one sees a destroyed house standing erect anew in a dream, it means spiritual awakening of its owner. If one is awaiting the return of a member of his family, or if he is awaiting a guest to arrive, and if a part of his house caves in, it means the near arrival of such a traveller.

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Dream meaning of entering a house according to Islam

If a person dreams of entering his own house, he will marry or have sexual contact with his wife.

The entrance of a just person to a residence heralds good fortune in a dream.

Dream of cleaning a house in dreams in Islam

In a dream, sweeping the floors of one’s home with a brush signifies destitution, the demise of a sick person in that home, or the division of one’s property and possessions after death.

In a dream, sweeping the floor and collecting trash with a dustpan signify revenues from a project.

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Dreaming of getting into someone else’s house in the Islam

In a dream, seeing oneself entering someone else’s house implies that one will overcome him, get a financial advantage over him, or manage his interests.

In a dream, entering the governor’s home and feeling at peace there denotes that he is seeking the governor’s assistance in a personal situation.

Losing your house in a dream in islam

If one loses a house in a dream, it indicates that he will incur additional fees, repairs, or taxes on his property.