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Crystal clear water in dreams : Islamic meaning

Crystal clear potable water in a dream means salvation, as per Ibn Sireen.

Another interpretation of clear water in a dream is healing from trachoma.

The interpretation of the dream in which someone was drinking from pure and clear rainwater is that one will receive blessings and rewards.

However, if the water from a fountain is pure and clean in the dream, it means depression along with a strong and a healthy body.

If one sees abundant crystal water in a dream, it means lowering of prices, peace and social justice.

Getting to a pond of clear waters means that you will say good things.

In a dream, fishing in clear waters signifies money, hearing kind words, or conceiving a son, where as fishing in saline waters indicates difficulties.

In a dream, standing beneath the Gutter of Mercy at the Holy Ka’aba will grant your requests, especially if clear, fresh water flows through it. 

Drinking clear water in dreams in Islam

In a dream, pleasant drinkable water that is pure can stand for legitimate earnings, a healthy heart, wisdom, revival, healing from a potentially life-threatening condition, a wife, a husband, or marriage. It can also signify wisdom and revival. In some contexts, it may also stand for rebirth.

In a dream, if the water from a river is dirty, it denotes struggle, but if the water from the river is clean, it represents success and fulfilment.

In a dream, drinking rainwater that is transparent and pure signifies receiving favours and benefits. In contrast, if the water in the dream is filthy and contaminated, it portends illness. See also murky water in dreams.

Drinking an unfamiliar delicious drink or a glass of frigid, clear water in a dream represents the guidance, wisdom, good taste, and diligence of the path’s inhabitants.

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Stream with clean water in your house in dream in Islam

If you dream of a stream bringing clean, sweet water to your house, it means that you will make money, have an easy life, and be blessed.

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Bathing with clean water

Bathing in clean spring water represents debt payback in a dream.

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Falling into clear water in dreams in Islam

When one dreams that they are pushed into a pond or river of clear water, it is a sign that they will be pleasantly surprised in waking life.

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Clean spring water in dreams in Islam

If you are unwell or in need, you will be greatly fortunate if you dream of a spring in a valley. The majority of people will be benefited if they have this dream.

If you dream about a fountain that has several springs pouring out of it, it is a portent that you will engage in shady activities and be dishonest, yet you will still be successful.

When a sad person dreams about spring, it is a sign that he will find solutions to his difficulties, that he will be healed of his illnesses, that he will make amends for his wrongdoings, or that he will repent for his transgressions.

Carrying clear water in dreams in Islam

In a dream, seeing yourself carrying a jug of clean water represents obtaining an inheritance.

Carrying a jar of pure water in a dream represents inheriting property.

Distilled water in a dream in Islam

In a metaphorical sense, clean water stands for a charming or virtuous young person.

It’s possible that receiving wisdom from wise people who put their lessons into practise is what your dream is trying to tell you by showing you distilled water.

In addition to this, it requires gaining expertise from experienced people.

In addition, the symbolic meaning of distilled water in a dream may involve the retrieval of items that have been misplaced, stolen, or confiscated, as well as the discovery of things that have been concealed.

In a dream, the distillation of farm water, water lilies, or other similar flowers might be symbolic of medications, money, celebrations, or weddings. Other similar flowers include other similar flowers. It is also possible to interpret it as a metaphor for other forms of celebrations.

In a dream, smelling rose-water, orange-blossom water, jonquil distillate water, or any species of narcissus represents pleasure, happiness, acclaim, eulogies, and wealth.

Clear water coming out my mouth in dreams in Islam

If pure water gushes from one’s mouth in a dream, it indicates that the person is a gnostic and that others would profit from his knowledge, wisdom, and counsel. If a person is a young merchant, it indicates that he is honest.

Dream meaning of clean water in western culture

According to one famous american dream interpretation website, clean flowing water represents movement, transformation, and fluidity. This dream is a sign of renewal and portends that you will receive some positive news related to your family, residence, or career.

This site indicates that the presence of nice things is symbolised by pure water. Espiritual balance and calm is symbolised by pure water, bright light, emotional stability, physical well-being, and a state of purity. There is a good chance that you enjoy both your bodily and mental well-being.

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