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River in dreams : Islamic meaning

~July 7, 2023~

For a muslim dreamer, a river denotes voyages.

A river in a dream is also symbolic of a virtuous deed or steady income.

If an impoverished person dreams of a river streaming through his home, it portends that he will expel a member of his household due to an abominable and sinful act or adultery.

If a follower of the Islam has a dream in which he descends into a river and is overcome by water in a dream, he will become unwell.

If a person dreams of becoming a river, it portends his demise.

Seeing one of the paradisiacal rivers in a dream portends prosperity.

If a man sees himself standing behind a river in a dream, it means that his wife will inherit him.

Murky water in a river in a dream in Islam

In a dream, murky river water represents anxiety and dread of a famous man.

In a dream, a river with turbid and putrid waters represents purgatory.

If the river water is turbid, salty or leaves the stream, it represents an imminent disaster that will cause great suffering and diseases such as colds in winter and fever in summer.

Read meaning of murky or muddy waters in dreams.

River of honey in dreams in Islam

Seeing a river of honey in paradise in a dream signifies knowledge or the Holy Qur’an.

River of honey of milk in dreams in Islam

The heavenly river of milk in a dream represents God’s provision of His creation with inherent knowledge and criteria, as well as submission to His sovereignty and obedience to His commands.

River of wine in dreams in Islam

Seeing the heavenly river of non-alcoholic wine in a dream represents exaltation and intoxication resulting from one’s affection for the Most High God.

Nile River in dreams in Islam

Dreaming of drinking from Egypt’s Nile portends vast fortune, gold, and authority.

Falling into a river in a dreams in Islam

If in a dream a person falls into a river and finds it difficult to exit the water, it signifies that he will be unable to transport heavy burdens or maintain patience in the face of adversity.

Dream of drowning in Islam.

Canal, watercourse in dreams in Islam

Seeing a canal in a dream also signifies afflictions inflicted by a family member.In a dream, water channels symbolise servants or housekeepers.

A canal in a dream could also represent a restroom, effluent, a marketplace, or a store. Therefore, excavating a canal in a dream could also represent prosperity and spending money to support one’s dependents.

A canal in a dream could also represent a housekeeper who cleans other people’s filth, a street sweeper, or a forbidden marriage.

If in a dream one digs a canal but no water flows through it, it signifies deception.

Managing a watercourse or channel in a dream signifies getting married, establishing a business, or obtaining a job and serving one’s community.

In a dream, urinating in a canal or waterway signifies perpetrating a sin, engaging in illegal activity, or assaulting a subordinate.

Blocking a canal in dreams in Islam

Blocking a canal in a dream signifies divorce, separation between husband and wife, severing of blood ties, departure from one’s native country, or separation from one’s lineage.

The obstructing of a canal in a dream also signifies abandoning an employment or cancelling a debt, or the closing of a business.

Watercourse flowing through your house in dreams in Islam

Dreaming of a watercourse flowing through one’s home signifies favours and prosperity.

Seeing a dried canal in dreams in Islam

A dry canal in a dream signifies the end of business, unsalable merchandise, a lifeless market, discord with one’s spouse, urinary bladder disease, or renal disease.

Stream in dreams in Islam

See more meanings in seeing a stream in dreams according to Islam.

Pond in dreams in Islam

In a dream, a pond represents a noble, generous, magnanimous, dominant and a beneficial person.

If the pond is filled with water in the dream, it represents a generous and a well respected person.

Reaching a pond in a dream means walking into adversities, betrayal and perfidy.

If a Muslim dreamer performs his ritual ablution in a pond, it signifies that he will evade peril with God’s permission, and if he drinks from the pond’s water, he will receive a financial gift from a person in a position of authority.

Rain in dreams according to Islam

Rain in a dream also represents the renewal of a current crisis or condition, as well as rewards, profits, blessings, release from distress, payment of responsibilities, or a sense of relief.

Rain in a dream is also indicative of a camel caravan, and rain in a dream is symbolic of a camel caravan.

In a farmer’s dream, a nice rain signifies favours, abundant crops, and financial prosperity.

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