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Seeing Broken House in Dreams : Islamic Meaning

~May 15, 2023~

Seeing your house broken in a dream means there will be discord within the family.

If a portion of one’s home collapses while he is awaiting the return of a family member or visitor in a dream, it signifies the imminent arrival of such a traveller.

The re-erection of a demolished home in a dream signifies the dreamer’s spiritual enlightenment.

Bellow you will see more dream meanings as per Islam:

Seeing an old broken house in dreams as per Islam

If the dreamer sees a broken old home, it represents strained or broken relationships with family members or those who were distant from him for a considerable period of his life.

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Broken door of a house in dreams in Islam

Broken door in a dream means means difficulties for the resident guardian of that house.

As per Al Bakri, if its door is broken in a dream, or its latch or lock is broken, or the nails of the door fall out, if the dreamer holds an impotant work position, he will be dismissed, or he or his relative will die, or he will leave his wife or people he knows who offered him protection and favors. It may mean that thieves will enter that place, because of the disappearance of what kept them out.

Someone breaking into your house in a dream in Islam

If the dreamer is unwell and a thief enters his home, it is a portent of his death. If a thief enters a home but does not steal anything, it is a sign that the dreamer will recover swiftly from whatever illness he was afflicted with.

In a dream, if an unknown thief enters one’s home and steals his laundry basin, blanket, a feminine object, or a similar household item, it could symbolise the demise of one’s wife or a close female relative.

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Breaking into a house in dreams

If you dream that you break a lock and enter a house, it is a good omen that you will be successful or that you will be rewarded for your efforts.

According to Ibn Seerin, a broken glass in a dream means death. A shattered glass represents a departed wife.

Having a dream in which you visit a dirty house represents your concerns about becoming unwell or about the progression of an existing illness.

Collapsing house in a dream in islam

A person who dreams that a wall collapses over their head or falls on top of other people is a sign that the person has committed a huge number of sins and that, unless they repent, they will be punished very soon.

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Seeing an unfinished house in dream in Islam

An unfinished home in dreams represents joblessness, laziness, indolence, or an unrealistic ambition for leadership.

In a dream, an unfinished task represents not only laziness but also hopelessness.

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Related Dreams

Building your own house in dreams in Islam

Building a dream house entails broadening your network and developing closer to relatives and acquaintances. If the individual is a general or army commander, it signifies the formation of a powerful force.

Building a house in a dream might also signify recovering power, happiness, or commercial success.

The thickness of the walls determines all of this. Building a house and fortifying its walls in a dream signifies carrying on the father’s practises and working in his career.

Being trapped in a house in dream in Islam

In a dream, seeing oneself confined and bound within a residence signifies a positive development in one’s existence.

That is correct.

If a person dreams that he is confined and imprisoned in a house, it is a portent of good tidings, good health, and good fortune. In a dream, being confined to a house represents living with a difficult spouse.

Ceiling in dreams in Islam

A collapsed roof represents devastation in a fantasy.

If the centre pillar that holds the roof breaks and falls in a dream, it represents the owner’s demise. If the roof collapses in a dream, it represents the owner’s death.

Seeing a flooded house in a dream in Islam

A dream in which your house is inundated with dirty or contaminated water suggests that there is a lot of negativity in your home, such as disputes or conflicts between family members.

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Demolishing one’s house in a dream

In a dream, tearing down one’s home signifies a conflict within the family.

If you have a dream about a construction worker dismantling a wall or a home, it foretells of a disagreement between two partners that might result in one of them dying. A tyrant will murder someone in that spot if he dreams that a tempest destroyed his entire house.

In a dream, demolishing an old house or structure signifies poor fate. In a dream, destroying one’s home signifies that one’s family, relatives, friends, allies, or army will quarrel, break up, or divide up.

Dirty House in a dream according to the Islam

A dream in which you go to a dirty house is a sign that you are anxious about getting sick or about the worsening of a disease that you already have.

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Unknown house in dreams in Islam

If a person visits an unknown house, dwelling, ground, or structure in a dream and meets deceased spirits he recognizes, he has entered the regions of the departed. If he finds himself entering and departing this realm in his dreams, he will be on the verge of death before recovering from a serious illness.

In a dream, leaving an unknown house symbolises travelling.

Seeing rats and other animals inside a house in dreams in Islam

In a dream, seeing rats in one’s house foretells of migrating from one land to another. If the dreamer has a home, this suggests that he will sell it. In a dream, rats in one’s house may represent robbers against whom one must safeguard one’s home or the betrayal of a close connection.

Dream about a house with broken pillars

A woman came to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and said:

“[I saw in a dream that] I gave birth to a girl and the pillars of my house were broken.” Her husband was absent and he [the Prophet (Peace be upon him)] said to her: “You will give birth, if Allah wills, to a female and your husband will come.” Her husband came and she gave birth to a female.

Found in Al Bakri

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