Dream meanings based on islamic tradition

Watering in dreams in Islam

If you dream that you are using that bucket to water a garden, it means that you will get married and gain from the wealth of your wife.

When you water a herd in a dream, you will make money from your trips.

A watering hose in a dream could also mean that good things are happening in your life. It could also mean that you need to fix yourself, pay more attention, or sleep less. It could also mean that you are getting through tough times.

In a dream, digging a hole, a well, or irrigations and planning to water plants with them means that you are looking for a job to support yourself and your family.

Watering a garden in a dream in Islam

In dreams, a garden stands for a woman. They both (garden and lady) need water and give birth to babies or food. If that is true, if the garden is seen as a woman, then the trees and plants reflect her tribe, family, and children.

In a dream, watering a garden is a sign of getting married. When you water a yard or farm in a dream, it means that you are having sexual contact with your partner.

If he sees someone else watering his yard in a dream, it means that his wife will cheat on him.

If a person dreams that he is putting olive oil on an olive tree to water it, it means that he lies with his mother.

If someone sees themselves putting vinegar on a garden, this means the same thing.

In a dream, if he fills a pitcher with water from a well to water a garden, it means that he will get married and gain from the wealth of his wife.

If you think that your garden is dry, it means that your wife has started her period and you can’t have sexual contact with her until it’s over.

In a dream, telling irrigations to water a yard or farm means that a woman will give you money.

If a woman dreams that the trees in her yard or farm are growing well, it means she will have a child.

If the yard in the dream is full of blooms, the dreamer will have a son.

If a person dreams of walking into an unknown yard with untidy trees and grass, this is a sign of worry and stress.

If someone sees the water from a stream running to his house or garden and discovers that the water has turned into blood in a dream, it means that after him someone will marry his wife.

A dream about a strange garden is a picture of the Quran.

Water tank or cistern in dreams in Islam

In a dream, a water tank or cistern is a bag, a safe, a box, a coffer, a partner, a wife, a son, or finding out other people’s secrets.

If you dream that your water tank is filled, any of the aforementioned items are stuck.

If you believe your home’s water tank is in the incorrect location, a jinni is either after you or is possibly following your home.

If a person dreams that a well is being used as a reservoir in his home, it indicates that the inhabitants are of middle-class status or that the water in the home is salty or unsafe to consume.

Water wheel in dreams according to Islam

In a dream, a water wheel is a good worker you can count on.

However, the water wheel itself shows how things change in business or in people’s lives.

In a dream, drawing water from a well means making money by lying and cheating.

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