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Fighting snake in Dreams : Islamic Dreaming

~December 13, 2023~

For a Muslim, fighting a snake in a dream means that you can not figure out how to deal with mental problems from the past. This dream shows how much bad news in your personal life has hurt you on an emotional level.

Your concerns, your sorrows, and your pains may all be removed by Allah, and he may substitute them with complete happiness, smiles, and good health.

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Fighting a snake in dream in Islam

If you dreamed that you were fighting a serpent, it could mean that you are having trouble moving on from something traumatic in your past. Yes, it is true that you may find it challenging to forgive another person or even yourself if you have been deeply wounded.

Dreaming that you are battling a serpent is symbolic of how you are feeling after receiving bad news, such as a job loss, a breakup, or a serious health diagnosis. If you are having trouble dealing with your guilt, you might want to consider turning to Allah for pardon.

May Allah help you when life gets rough.

Fighting a snake that attacked you

According to Ibn Sirin, if you assault or charge at an enemy in a dream, it portends success in real life, but it can also indicate remorse, contrition, and reversing the direction of your actions and thoughts.

If you are being attacked by a serpent, it could be a sign that you are struggling to make some major choices in your life, like choosing a career path or settling down with a significant other.

Having a dream in which a serpent is assaulting you is a warning that you are feeling threatened or wounded by the words or actions of people in your professional or personal life. May Allah (s.w.t.) shield you from negative influences like that; keep your distance and avoid them.

This dream could be a message from Allah (Who is Compassionate and Forgiving) urging you to address an important matter that you have been ignoring.

Fighting a snake and killing it in a dream in Islam

If you have a dream in which you slay a serpent that attacks you, it suggests that you do not wish to put up with something in your waking life that causes you harm or discomfort.

If you had a dream in which you got rid of a serpent that was attacking you, it indicates that you really want to put an end to a situation that you consider unjust or excessive, something that threatens the regular routine of your daily life or what goes against the values that you hold personally.

If you are interested in this dream check: killing a snake in dreams.

May you always be in Allah’s loving Hand.

Fighting wild animals in dreams in Islam

One of the most widely read Muslim dream analysts was Muhammad Ibn Sirin, who claimed:

If a dreamer was killing hornets in dreams, you will soon be at battle with bad individuals. In a dream, a bee can be interpreted as a fierce adversary.

In a dream, if you and a sheep are fighting, it foretells a disagreement with a female partner.

A dream in which you engage a crow in combat represents a real-life encounter with an individual of similar character.

In a dream, a struggle or fight with a tiger represents a battle with an arrogant person.

If you were injured by a snake in your dream, and blood came out of your body, it means you are doing something that is not completely halal, something that takes time or resources, perhaps a practice or action that contradicts the words and teachings of the Holy Prophet.

May you always be in Allah’s loving Hand.

Related Dreams

Snakes everywhere in dreams in Islam

If you have several dreams in which you see a bunch of snakes around, it means you are becoming more skeptical about what other people say or think. It is possible you are in the middle of an hostile situation, maybe a harmful or toxic environment.

May Allah give your family comfort and patience and hope with which to continue.

Crushing a snake in a dream in Islam

A dream like this reveals that the dreamer’s negative feelings have the potential to have devastating consequences, and the dream’s implication that he will destroy this untamed beast is a clear illustration of this.

Dead snake in dreams in Islam

If the dreamer sees deceased snakes, it is a warning that there are some fears, concerns, or anxieties that he has no reason to retain in his thoughts because those things do not have any basis in reality.

If you have a dream in which you see snakes that have passed away, it is a sign that you have successfully navigated dangers or overcome obstacles in your waking life. You can learn more about the symbolism of this dream in the Islamic tradition.

The Holy Quran about fighting

It is reported from Mujahid that Ibn ‘Umar disliked making animals fight each other..

Book 1, Hadith 1232

Dream meaning of fighting snakes in western culture

As per a psychological school of dream interpretations in western countries, there are intense emotions being expressed through a dream in which the dreamer is fighting snakes.

Likewise, a fight with snakes in a dream can mean the presence of arguments, conflicts or betrayals in your life with people very close to you. A struggle in which one can win or that can be stopped so that no one is defeated. But most of the time what this dream reflects is an inner conflict, a conflict with yourself that you dare not face; and now your dream is presenting you with a daring situation, a personal struggle so that when you wake up you cannot look the other way because it is time to make a decision.

A dream in which you were fighting serpents may be a warning that you are in danger or that you are feeling uneasy about something in your waking life. It is possible than these warnings make you feel uneasy and worried, and you attempt to suppress those feelings, but to no avail.

According to some authors, a dream in which you engage in combat with a serpent is a warning that you may be encircled by people who intend to deceive you. Take special care to focus on the details whenever you have to execute a contract or business agreement at work.

Fighting snake in dream also reveals that you are feeling anxious about disputes, conflicts, or betrayals involving people close to you, whether they are real or imagined.

Finally, this dream may be suggesting that facing your anxieties will help you feel better; moreover, if you can hold your own against the enemy in a dream, you can rest assured that you can do the same in the real world.

Dua for before sleeping

If you are having repetitive dreams about snakes and you have a hard time to fall sleep, here are a dua for it:

All praise is for Allah, Who fed us and gave us drink, and Who is sufficient for us and has sheltered us, for how many have none to suffice them or shelter them.

Muslim 4: 2083

“May Allah respond your dua, fulfill your dreams and bless you and your family always.”

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