Dream meanings based on islamic tradition

Seeing many cats in dreams : Islamic meaning

It is said that seeing multiple cats in your dream represents behaviour such as remaining calm under pressure so as not to draw attention to yourself – whereas seeing a black, tabby, orange, white, or cream-colored cat may represent you becoming more vocal by speaking up about something that needs to be addressed.

When multiple cats band together for a common objective of survival or victory, they demonstrate the importance of working as a team to accomplish something greater than any one of them could do alone.

Seeing so many cats in the dream world shows that by fully committing yourself and collaborating with those who share your aims, you can achieve new heights – even if those goals appear unachievable at first!

Seeing a lot of cats in your dream also implies you’ll be duped by individuals you used to trust. Theft and robbery are indicated by hissing cats with their backs up and ruffled hair.

Seeing cats napping quietly foretells of insufficient business success. Seeing oneself surrounded by many mewing cats indicates that you are surrounded by unfaithful people who are willing to go to any length for wealth.

If you beat a cat in your dream, you will be held accountable for some offence. Eating cat meat indicates treachery and deception.

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