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Black cat in dreams : Islamic meaning

Seeing a black cat attacking a person while sleeping symbolizes the hardships that person will have to go through in the future due to the appearance of many problems in life in general.

You will need to show patience and perseverance until you can finally overcome this adversity.

The attack of the black cat on the dreamer, from which he escaped and reached safety, foretells upcoming favorable events, including new job prospects that will raise his social status and improve his status. improve his standard of living.

The presence of a group of black cats in the house signals that the dreamer is facing loss, while the presence of any black cats in the dream symbolizes avengers seeking ruin the dreamer’s life and cause anxiety and melancholy.

Ibn Sirin’s dream contains many warnings about the appearance of the black cat and shows that it is one of the incomprehensible symbols, which means the justification of difficult problems and strong influences caused by one’s betrayal of one’s surroundings.

If the dreamer is proactive and reacts to his aggression, he will recover both physically and psychologically.

Dreams about black cats are usually temporary and manifest clearly after the dreamer receives positive news.

There is a significant correlation between dreams about black cats and recent encounters with good news, as recorded in the Quran.

Dreaming of a black cat, according to Ibn Sirin

According to Ibn Sirin‘s interpretation, dreaming of a black cat has the following meaning: It often foretells unfavorable events or conveys unexpected meanings, the exact nature of which depends on the behavior of it and the dreamer’s reaction.

The black cat’s pursuit of the prophet suggests that the dreamer may be mentally weak, sensitive to surrounding troubles, and willing to commit crimes and disobey.

However, if the medium observes a black cat attacking him viciously and does everything possible to repel it, this indicates that he has a mean friend.

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