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Dream about my son : Islamic Meaning

A child in your dream can be a symbol of emotions, attitudes or ideas that you are developing within you. That is, dreams in which snakes, vipers or snakes bite your child express your concern about current situations that might be altering or threatening your disposition towards a new project you have just started (a career, a relationship, a business).

So the dream seems to be showing that your accomplishments are not being as successful as you anticipated.

Now, in the dream world, dreaming of a small child without actually having it can represent a personal project that you have created, something very beautiful that you need to protect because it is small, fragile, and for which you feel responsible during its growth.

Another interpretation indicates that you are beginning to recognize that you’re being very over-protective with your child, and that that could be affecting him emotionally in a negative or counterproductive way for his/her healthy development.

In a dream, the interpretation of receiving instructions as an infant signifies the acquisition of an inheritance from one’s mother. A vision of oneself in a dream as a newborn infant portends future prosperity and wealth. A dream in which a young boy recognises himself as an infant carries a negative connotation.

A dream in which a sick person sees himself as an infant portends his impending demise. Having a dream in which one perceives himself being reprimanded as a child portends impending conquest.

A reflection of one’s face as a child in a dream signifies that if one’s spouse is pregnant, she will bear a son who bears a resemblance to the father. Interpreter of Dreams: Ibn Sirin

Carrying an infant in one’s arms signifies adversity, distress, and responsibility in a dream. A adolescent child symbolises good news or the alleviation of one’s concerns.

In a dream, the appearance of an attractive adolescent entering a town, descending from the sky, or emerging from beneath the ground signifies the impending implementation of the good news. Vision of an older infant in a dream portends superiority and strength.

A dream in which an individual perceives himself in school as a child signifies that he will repent of a common error that he previously committed. In a dream, if one observes a renowned individual of knowledge enrolled in a kindergarten with other children, he is symbolic of a transition to ignorance, a demotion from his position, or a modification in his financial circumstances that significantly impacts his standard of living.

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Dreaming that my son is stabbed

If you see a child being stabbed in a dream, that could be perceived as a threat from someone who is just waiting for the right time to attack or publicly insult him.

Dreaming that your child is stabbed means that he may have suffered some kind of abuse in the past and that the traumatic experience may leave lasting scars that he cannot forget or overcome.

View full content in meaning of dreaming that you sting your child.

Dreaming that they take your child in a dream

If you dream that you see your child being taken away, that is actually like a warning signal for you to start being more careful and dedicate more time to your child in real life.

A dream like this can often occur when you are very worried or extremely stressed to take care of them.

Dreaming that your child is being carried away is revealing that there is an internal conflict between, on the one hand, your mother’s instinct to protect your child, and on the other, the need to foster their independence.

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Dreaming that you see your child bleeding in a dream

Dreaming that your child is bleeding in sleep means that you are suffering a loss of energy that can affect you. It can be a warning that you are very tired or tired and that you need to take a break to connect with yourself to regain your energy and passion.

This dream suggests that not only are you admitting that you are experiencing pain, but also that you long for recovery.

If you’re interested in this dream, review dreaming that I see my son bleeding.

Dreaming that you see your wounded child in dreams

Dreams in which your child is abused or traumatized are difficult to describe. Despite the fact that no parent wants to see their child suffer, it may be possible for a person to dream that their child is hurt or hurt. Now look inside, if you’ve experienced abuse in real life, or even experienced just the feeling of abuse, this can explain this type of dream.

Seeing a wounded child reveals that you are afraid of being manipulated, used or influenced to benefit other people. You are beginning to notice that you feel that you are giving too much of yourself in a relationship or family or personal situation.

Seeing your son wounded in your dream.

Dreaming that your child is in danger

If you see your child in a dangerous situation in a dream, it means that you have recently felt that you are not developing your role as a parent well.

It can also indicate that you are currently feeling stressed, anxious and emotionally helpless.

Review: meaning of dreaming that I see my child in danger.

Dreaming that they hit your child

If you have recurring dreams in which you see someone inflicting physical pain on your child, it could indicate that you feel pain in their body. In real life, injuries, illnesses and other physical ailments can cause it.

Check out the full content in Dreaming that they hit your child.

Dreaming that your child was drowning

If you have a dream in which you see your child drowning, it means that you currently have fears or doubts about the physical or mental condition in reality. According to this interpretation, this dream simply represents your fear that something bad may happen in real life.

If you are interested in this dream you can check to see that your child is drowning in dreams.

islamic interpretation of dreaming about a child

Dreaming that they want to take your child away from you

If you have a dream in which someone wants to kidnap your child, it is because your subconscious is wanting to draw your attention through this medium so that you spend more quality time with your little one.

Indeed, sleep can be a warning sign for you to be more careful and spend more time together, your child and you. Such dreams can occur when you are very worried or very busy caring for him.


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