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Killing someone in dreams : Interpretations in Islam

~October 16, 2023~

If you, dear reader, killed someone in your dream, it immediately suggests that you have done something heinous.

If the dreamer has a particularly vivid or strong dream about a murder in Islam, he should evaluate any potential danger or threat in his life. It is also critical to seek the guidance of an Islamic scholar or a dream interpretation specialist in order to better grasp the dream’s meaning and determine whether action is required in response to it.

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What does it mean to dream of killing someone according to Islam?

If the dreamer murders someone, it could indicate that he is struggling with negative emotions such as rage, jealously, or resentment. It could also indicate that the dreamer is feeling guilty or humiliated about something he did in the past.

If a person dreams that he killed someone, he will do something serious, and it has been suggested that he will purposely break the fast of Ramadan, because the punishment for breaking the fast in Ramadan is the same as the punishment for murdering someone accidently.

And both those who kill and those who are slain (in a dream) may be driven to sin. A woman had a dream that she and some other people murdered her husband. He asked her if she had forced her spouse to transgress. Yes, she replied.

Killing in a dream also could mean that one is missing his prayers, or neglecting them.

Whoso is slain wrongfully, We have given power unto his heir….”  (“Bani Israil” [The Children of Israel], verse 33.)

Killing someone without slaughtering him in dream in islam

If he has a dream about killing a man without slaughtering him, the victim will receive something wonderful from the killer.

Or it was said that the victim would win because Allah says: “And whoever is killed wrongfully (Mazlooman intentionally with hostility and oppression and not by mistake), We have given his heir the authority [to demand Qisaas, – Law of Equality in Punishment – or to forgive, or to take Diyah (blood money)].”[17:33 Al-Isra‘]

Being killed in a dream in Islam

Being killed in a dream foretells of a long life and a large wealth from the person who killed you in the dream.

A dream in which the victim is murdered without the murderer’s knowledge indicates an unfulfilled religious duty.

A dream in which someone kills someone else but does not completely kill him foretells that the victim will benefit greatly from his attacker.

Dreaming that if one can identify his assassin, they will triumph over their adversary.

Murder in a dream in Islam

Killing in a dream is a serious offence, according to Ibn Sireen, one of the most respected Muslim dream interpreters. Be conscious that you are having a nightmare.

Killing someone with a sword in a dream in Islam

Eliminating a person with a sword, the interpretation of this aspect of the dream is that you got into a fight with the individual in question and insulted him in a way that made him feel bad. Ibn Sirin was the dream interpreter.

Killing himself in a dream in Islam

When someone kills themself in a dream due to fear of the repercussions of their sins, it shows genuine and deep repentance. It is critical to remember that suicide is a major sin with eternal hellfire punishment.

Murder in a dream in Islam

Murder in a dream represents injustice.

Murder in a dream also represents escape from despair, suffering, loss, and misfortune.

Suicide in dream in Islam

Furthermore, comitting suicide in a dream represents the understanding of the value of advantages forfeited.

Suicide in a dream indicates that the dreamer is a subversive rebel and an obedient follower of Allah Almighty.

Admitting guilting for killing in a dream in Islam

Admitting guilt for a murder in a dream represents gaining control. Killing in a dream could also mean ignoring or failing to show one’s commitment.

Killing one’s own child in a dream in Islam

Killing one’s own children in a dream is a metaphorical meaning of monetary gain.

Being killed for the Islam in a dream

A martyr’s death in a dream can also symbolize monetary gain, keeping a promise, success in business, being assassinated, drowning, or being buried under a collapsing building.

The dream implies that the victim’s evidence will probably be accepted if he testifies in court. On the other hand, it could imply that he would experience an abundance of good fortune over his lifetime.

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