Dream meanings based on islamic tradition

Getting stabbed in dreams Islamic meaning

If you dream that you are stabbed you may feel defensive and helpless.

Being stabbed is a warning to lower your defenses in the presence of someone who lacks confidence in your abilities or respect. How much you trust them is directly related to their power to further degrade you.

Their constant criticism and harshness can be misinterpreted as constructive, but they are simply projecting their own insecurities. Instead of vainly seeking their approval, surround yourself with people who won’t use intimidation to assert their superiority.

May Allah save you and your family from that kind of outcome.

Getting stabbed in the back in a dream in Islam

If you dream you are stabbed in the back , it means that you feel cheated by someone you trust. To dream of stabbing someone else represents your fear of betrayal and distrustful attitude. You can be overprotective.

Getting stabbed in the stomach in a dream in Islam

Islam believes that the dream of being stabbed in the stomach means that you will change your career and improve your financial situation.

The Qur’an states that dreams of being punched in the stomach indicate that a person’s financial situation has recently improved.

You stabbing someone in a dream according to Islam

According to several muslim authors, if you see flow of blood when pierced with a spear means gain, reward, good health or return after a long absence.

Piercing your opponent with a spear or cut off his limbs: you will receive money and prosperity from victims who are not liked by religious people.

If you sever your opponent’s limbs or pierce him with a spear, you will gain wealth and prosperity from victims who are disliked by the religious community.

When you sever your opponent’s limbs or pierce him with a spear, victims who are despised by the religious community will give you wealth and prosperity.

You will get wealth and prosperity from victims who are disliked by religious people if you pierce your opponent with a spear or amputate his limbs.

Being killed in a dream as per Islam

Being killed in a dream portends an extended lifespan and substantial fortune bestowed upon the dream’s perpetrator.

A dream in which an individual murders another but fails to completely kill him portends that the victim will greatly benefit from his assailant.

A dream in which the perpetrator is unaware that the victim has been murdered signifies an unfulfilled religious obligation.

May Allah, the most Generous, keep you safe by His grace and bounty.

Knife meaning in dreams in Islam

The knife symbolizes the dreamer’s companions or allies who protect his own interests, such as slaves or friends. Its sharpness symbolizes the fulfillment of a visionary’s wishes.

The butcher’s knife symbolizes the butcher, the soldier’s knife symbolizes discipline and strength, and the table knife symbolizes a respectable young man engaged in academic dishonesty.

The uses a knife to turn the pages of the book, so the knife can also represent evidence, a compelling argument, or the author.

Seeing your own death and burial in a dream as per Islam

If a person dreams of dying and being buried, it is a sign that they will not reform before they die.

If a person dreams that they are attending their own funeral, it is a sign that their position is . . .

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