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Fighting Jinn in a Dream : Islamic Meanings

~May 13, 2023~

Dreaming that you are fighting a Jinni is a good omen because it means you will be safe from the harm they bring.

A fight or dispute in a dream represents deception, treachery, deception, or cunning. In a dream, a dispute can symbolise final hardship and increasing costs, illness, food shortages, adversity, or tension.

Fighting is unethical. Jinn in a dream represents triumph over injustice, putting one’s parents’ needs first, or being watchful of one’s spouse or companion.

Dreaming of figthing Jinn is trying to convey the idea that the dreamer’s consciousness contains an interior conflict, something that he cannot deal with so far.

If a combatant sees himself involved in a conflict in a dream, it means he will reap benefits and experience a successful result.

For one of the greatest dream interpretes in the muslim history, among the Jinn, some are believers while others are satans.

In the majority of instances, it is believed that Jinn in a dream are symbolic of deception, treachery, cunning, perfidy, betrayal, stealing, alcoholism, travel, music, bars, tricks, sleight of hand, enchantment, witchcraft, and magic.

On the other hand, if an individual has the experience of encountering a Jinni in their dream who is honest, knowledgeable, and wise, this indicates that the person will soon receive some positive information.

Losing a battle in a dream could also represent defeating an adversary if they are compatible. The victor of a battle in a dream represents the loser in waking life.

According to Ibn Sirin, if a soldier sees himself fighting an enemy in a dream, it means that he will gain benefits and success in his life.

Fighting a Jinni and defeat him in dream in Islam

If you encountered a Jinni in your dream, engaged in combat with the genius, and ultimately you were able to emerge victorious, this is unquestionably a very encouraging dream. Therefore, be aware that you will soon receive uplifting news. You will be capable of overcoming obstacles that stand in your way.

I pray that Allah bestows upon each of you his blessings of prosperity, good health, joy, tolerance, and fortitude.

Types of Jinn in dreams

According to Ibn Raashid Al Bakri, some Jinn are virtuous and are said to be earth’s angels; thus, seeing them in a dream should be understood similarly to seeing angels and devout humans, as previously described.

However, if you have a dream about Jinn, proceed with utmost care…

According to the aforementioned researcher, some of these Jinns are spirits who engage in duplicity and deceit. They are Adam’s heirs’ foes.

If someone has a dream in which Satan sends him an evil thought while he is conducting Dhikr (remembrance of Allah), it means that an adversary is plotting against him without his awareness.

Becoming a Jinni in a dream in Islam

If a person has a dream in which they are transformed into a Jinni, it foretells that they will eventually acquire these characteristics.

Having a dream in which Jinn are seen standing by one’s entrance portends financial woes, the need to keep a solemn promise, or unfavourable fortune.

According to Al-Bakri, if he has a dream in which he transforms into a Jinni, he will become more dangerous in real life.

May Allah save you and your family from that kind of outcome.

Calling on Jinn in dreams in islam

If one sees God’s prophet Solomon in a dream and participates in sorcery, witchcraft, black magic, or invoking jinn or malevolent spirits, it is a sign that he will prosper in his trade, become rich after losing hope, or beat his opponent.

Friendly Jinn in a dream in Islam

One rarely fantasises about meeting a well-known Jinn chief. A fantasy like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Congratulations.

In a dream, befriending a Jinni who is a famous and recognised character among other Jinn suggests that the dreamer will work as a police officer, pursuing criminals and offenders. It could also symbolise the possibility of becoming a scholar or an instructor.

Seeing a group of Jinn in dream in Islam

Having a dream in which you see Jinn congregating in a specific location can also be an indication of the existence of snakes, scorpions, or other things that people might be afraid of when they are in the countryside.

May Allah always keeps his caring hand on you. May Allah gives you the fortitude to fight for what you believe in.

A marching army of female jinns in a dream means an enemy who conceals his true purpose or identity (Ibn Seerin).

Jinn in a house in a dream in Islam

Having a dream in which one sees Jinn working inside their home or entering their home indicates that burglars may break in and cause significant financial damage.

Read more in dream meaning of seeing a Jinn in a house according to Islam.

Jinn practicing sorcery in dream in Islam

In a dream, seeing oneself practising sorcery or being bewitched by a sorcerer signifies the separation of a husband and wife through deception. Sorcery in a dream also symbolises disbelief, deception, cunning, or ingratitude. If a Jinni performs the sorcery in the dream, the effects will be more potent.

May Allah, the most Generous, keep you safe by His grace and bounty.

Tying up a Jinni in dreams in Islam

If a pious person dreams that he is shackling Jinn, it indicates that he is steadfast in his prayers, fasting, and control of his carnal self and base desires.

islamic interpretation of dreaming about Jinn

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  1. Assalamualaikum.
    May allah swt bestow his choicest blessings on you.
    In my dream i saw some person being possessed by jin and i was really scared and the people around me couldn’t even sense that there was a jin in the person. I see him in pain and go near him although scared to death that the jinn inside the person might harm me, i go near and very loudly and boldly recite
    And slowly the jin falls weaker and i get up from sleep. Saw this dream back to back 2-3 times now. But as i wake up i am extremely scared.

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