Dream meanings based on islamic tradition

Giving Quran to someone in a dream : Islamic meaning

Glory be to Allah, the Almighty, and may He bestow many blessings upon His Beloved One and Last Messenger of Islam.

Giving someone the Quran in a dream indicates that you are afraid of this person will be very tempted in real life.

If you gave the Holy Quran to a person your know in real life, it MEANS you really want to help him or her with a current tough situation this individual is going through.

Perhaps you, dear dreamer, would like to show this person something about the teaching of the Islam.

In your dream, giving away items signifies that you must give more in a particular situation or relationship. The ability to contribute satisfies the desire to belong and share. Additionally, consider how you were welcomed.

The proverb “Do to others as you would have them do to you” ought to take the place of “You only live once.”

To have a dream in which you receive anything signifies the importance of appreciating the blessings you already possess.

Donating something in a dream signifies the value or worth of the donor.

Providing less money to one’s employees or a destitute person when they require more signifies defiance of the commandments of God Almighty or departure from the teachings of prophetic traditions.

Dreaming of being deprived of one’s desires could symbolise an individual’s religious endeavours failing, the repercussions of criticising others and arguing over religious precepts, or their perilous pursuit of casual thoughts.

A dream in which a sick individual pays his bills portends his impending demise or the ruin of his fortune.

It signifies mental instability, rage, lack of self-control, or an excessively raised voice if he is in good health.

Paying off the debt of another person in a dream signifies that the dreamer, who is impoverished, will obtain favourable treatment.

A dream in which one receives monetary compensation due to a court order signifies legal success.

Receiving the Quran in a dream

If you get a Quran in a dream, it suggests that you own a property from which you earn money and use the money for religious purposes.

Additionally, this dream indicates the heritage and morals of your journey. Seeing the Quran in a dream means that a person will become a leader in his community and remember it well.

Receive the Holy Quran as a gift in a dream

If you dream of receiving the Quran as a gift, it means that you will become a kind and kind person to everyone around you. Another interpretation of this dream is that you are using your experience to enlighten those around you.

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